News: Ryan not offered a contract with the Rams

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Where are all the Rob Ryan lovers now? To be quite honest our staff right now, is MILES better then it was last year. Plus we kept the two best coaches on Ryan's Staff, Henderson and Eberflus.

    Broaddus said that Eberflus was the main one who kept Rob organized and on the right page. I don't think Rob Ryan is a attractive candidate without his best coaches. Plus him and Henderson were apparently having disagreements on how to play these DB's. I think Rob is a overpromiser and an underdeliverer
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    This is and will continue to be the longest 5 minutes of Ryan's career

    that family will NEVER shut their mouths (to the media) and just coach...

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    Depth needs an upgrade, now on offense and some on special teams (I.e. kick returners).

    This season we are entering g year-3 of the 3-year rebuilding process of the roster.

    Year 1 was about taking cap hits and clear out aging players from the Pre-Garrett HC era.

    Year 2 - last offseason - was about upgrading the D. We did that. We finally had better starters in the secondary and deeper depth all around. And it showed up, even though Ryan didn't get the most out of them in terms of generating pressure and turnovers because his scheme was too passive.

    Year 3 - this offseason - will be about adding depth to the offense, like at WR, and rebuilding the OL.

    Trent Dilfer made that quote just as Year 1 was underway. Since then, the talent from 1 to 53 has been upgraded, but not yet fully on offense, which is why Romo still is asked to do too much.

    But if you pay close attention, you'll see that the 3 year plan is on schedule, and based on the successfully upgrades in years 1 and 2, I'm hopeful that the upgrades to the offense in year 3 will go well and this team will make some real noise - even Romo, like never before!
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    ...........what about the Dline? Granted, there was NO way they could foresee Brent's issue: NOT their fault but Lissemore, Hatcher, Ratliff,Spears and Coleman don't inspire a heckuva lot of confidence with me. It could be seen as a bigger problem than the oline if you think about it. I guess at minimum you draft one and sign one for both lines- that's a good start, but they'll have to hit on both which isn't easy of course.

    Man, I didn't realize what a good run stuffer Coleman was until he got hurt. Tore his triceps right? Long in the tooth so I'd doubt they bring him back.........
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    how anyone could think the D line is a bigger problem then the O line is amazing.
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    Never understood why a defensive genius like Fisher would even talk to Rob Ryan.
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    Big mouth Rob strikes again. What a baffoon.

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    They want Spencer back and he wants to be back. He and Ware are awesome bookends. Throw in Ratliff and you have 3 linemen out of 4 who can rush the Passer. Spears is serviceable as a DT who can stop the run - among the best on the team at it. The others you mentioned can provide depth, but more is needed. But to imply that DL needs more fixing than OL, I just don't think that's correct.
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    Do we know they would like Spencer back?

    Not being a wise guy, but at this point we don't even know if they're going to a 4-3... Yeah, by all appearances they are, but I'd love to hear something from the team as far as their vision goes.

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