News: SA: Bryant is Cowboys' lone bright spot

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    Bryant is Cowboys' lone bright spot
    Posted Monday, Nov. 08, 2010

    By Charean Williams

    GREEN BAY, Wis. -- For everything that has gone wrong this season, and on Sunday, one player is proving the Dallas Cowboys right.

    Dallas traded up for the chance to take receiver Dez Bryant in April.

    While other teams had questions about Bryant, the Cowboys were convinced he was a difference-maker.

    So far, so great.

    The Cowboys had only one first down in their first four possessions before Jon Kitna began connecting with Bryant in their 2-minute offense.

    First, it was a Bryant catch for 13 yards. Then, on the next play, Bryant went deep for 41 yards to the Green Bay 2-yard line. Two plays and two incompletions later, Kitna threw a jump ball to Bryant, who outleaped Sam Shields for the touchdown.

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    McCann looked good on the KO returns. The Cowboys have found their returner.

    Given how frequently the opposition is scoring, he'll get plenty of opportunities.

    He got hosed on that fumble.

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