News: SA: Bryant reportedly diagnosed with patellar tendinitis

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 21, 2012.

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    MRI shows no tear in Dez Bryant's knee, but he does have patellar tendinitis
    by Carlos Mendez

    The Cowboys said the MRI of Dez Bryant’s right knee showed no tear to a ligament or tendon.

    Bryant, who left practice Monday after suffering the knee injury, will get treatment – rest, mainly – for patellar tendinitis...

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    Bryant reportedly diagnosed with patellar tendinitis

    Posted on 08/20/2012 by Tom Orsborn

    ...Before receiving the results of Bryant’s MRI, coach Jason Garrett suggested the Cowboys will scour the open market for a receiver. The club has two vacant roster spots.

    “We’ve just got to evaluate what the MRIs say and then we’ve got to make our best decision from there, whether it’s a young guy for legs or a more veteran player because we just need a more experienced player,” Garrett told reporters after practice. “So we’ll go through the evaluations of who’s available based on what we’ve got from the MRIs.”

    Austin is expected to miss the final two preseason games after sitting out the first two and most of training camp. The Cowboys, however, expect him to be ready to go when they open the season at the New York Giants on Sept. 5.

    Witten, who suffered his injury in the preseason opener, is being evaluated daily and is uncertain for the opener.
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    Really not understanding the wording in the title of the article. It is almost as if they don't believe what the MRI revealed. As if they wish it were far worse. If it was reported that Bryant had a torn ACL...a bet you a million bucks it would say "Bryant has a torn ACL and will be out for the year"

    I was equally puzzled why the ESPN ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen still was reporting that Dez Bryant was undergoing an MRI on his knee....when the results of the MRI were in 5 hours earlier!

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