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    July 31, 2006
    Parcells briefing; Newman rips on Davis

    12:55 p.m., Oxnard, Calif. — Newly signed kicker Tyler Frederickson will spell punter Mat McBriar during camp, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said Monday at his daily media briefing.

    "I don't want to over kick this guy (McBriar)," Parcells said. "He won't be able to punt."

    Parcells reiterated that he wants place-kicker Mike Vanderjagt to also handle kickoffs.

    "If he can do that, it doesn't have an impact on our roster," Parcells said.

    In other news:

    Free safety Keith Davis has been an easy target for his teammates after he was shot twice during an alleged carjacking attempt on July 16. One of the bullets is lodged in his thigh.

    "I've been trying to catch him asleep and dig it out and put it on e-bay," cornerback Terence Newman said. "But every time I touch him, he wakes up.

    "We give him jokes all the time. Sometimes I feel bad. We talk about, 'Man, we're not going to the huddle, because we don't know when they are coming back.' "

    So how has Davis taken it?

    "He just laughs," Newman said. "He knows he was a victim and it could happen to anybody."

    Davis is playing with the first-team defense. He was very aggressive Monday morning during 11-on-11 play and even got in two fights.

    Safety Justin Beriault left practice this morning after getting hit in the head ... Terrell Owens dropped a long pass from Drew Bledsoe ... Rookie safety Patrick Watkins, a Florida State alum, intercepted a pass. Said Parcells: "I think Watkins has a chance to be a real good player. We are encouraged by what we have seen so far." ... Former New York Giants nose tackle Jim Burt, a Parcells' favorite, is coaching the nose tackles on a voluntary basis. Burt busted Parcells' chops when he saw the coach walking from the media tent to his golf cart surrounded by reporters. "Hey, MD," Burt yelled at his former coach. "Hey, media darling. You guys are losers following him around." When Parcells ignored him, Burt yelled, "You don't like it when you get it back."
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    Cowboys sign kicker

    11:20 a.m. PCT, Oxnard, Calif. — The Cowboys have signed kicker Tyler Frederickson, a Cal alumnus who was recently released by Denver, according to a team spokesman.

    Frederickson had a tryout with Dallas on Sunday that was conducted by scouting director Jeff Ireland, a former kicker for Baylor.

    Frederickson is expected to focus on kickoffs, a chore that ace place-kicker Mike Vanderjagt hasn't handled regularly since 2003.
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    James Washington on the scene

    9:05 a.m. PCT, Oxnard, Calif. — Former Cowboys safety James Washington is at practice today, doing his morning radio show for Fox Sports Radio. I always thought "Drive By," not Emmitt Smith, should have been MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, in which the Cowboys defeated Buffalo, 30-13, in Atlanta. (I'll never forget how cold it was that week and how an ice storm nearly shut the city down. Another painful memory: Some bad eggs at the brunch during Media Day left me with a bout of food poisoning. Told Dan Cook the next day that I almost checked into the hospital. Dan laughed and said, "I can't tell you how many times I've been close to checking into a hospital on the road during my career." I miss Dan, especially during Super Bowl week when we spent a lot of time together. The last one we covered together was Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Ariz., in 1996. Best memory of that week: Walking with Dan and the great Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times up the ramp to Sun Devil Stadium, where the Cowboys defeated Pittsburgh 27-17 later that night. Dan and Murray were great friends. The common thread: Both were humble and down to earth despite their lofty status in the sportswriting world.

    KABB's Chuck Miketinac, a proud Southwest Texas State graduate (yes, I know it's Texas State, but I prefer SWT), is hard at work editing tape here in the media tent. We shared memories just a minute ago of how easy it was to get interviews when camp was held at Austin and Wichita Falls. Back in those days, you could just grab a player at lunch. Not any more. In fact, so many of the guys just run right past you after practice, shouting, "I'll get you tomorrow." Greg Ellis used that line Saturday and then blew us off again Sunday. Can't complain too much about Ellis, though. Win or lose, he's always available in the locker room. Of course, no Cowboy was ever better than Darren Woodson when it came to dealing with the media. "Woody" was a stand-up guy and is No. 1 on my list of cooperative Cowboys.
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    Morning moments

    7:18 a.m. PCT, Ventura, Calif. — Enjoyed something this morning many sportswriters yearn for on the road: 40 minutes in the exercise room at a Marriott all alone.

    The other highlight: Catching Tony Sirico of the HBO mob drama "The Sopranos" doing a commercial for Netflix. Sirico plays one of "The Sopranos" most popular characters, Peter Paul Gualtieri, aka "Paulie Walnuts." Gualtieri, a member of Tony Soprano's crew, earned the nickname when he hijacked a truck he thought contained high-end electronics gear only to find it loaded with, you guessed it, walnuts.

    The Cowboys have two practices today, start times 9 a.m. and 5 a.m. Bill Parcells' daily briefing begins at 11:30 a.m.
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    Now that's funny. I can only imagine what other things they're calling him.
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    that's hysterical.
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    i LOVE the man to death....but i totally agree with this guy. Washington almost single handedly won that game for us.

    except, he should have said super bowl 28.
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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao: :lmao:
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    5 am, dang thats early!

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