Sadly... I called it months ago

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JackWagon, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Obviously you didn't dig into the reasons we drafted the players we did.
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    You're mischaracterizing what I've said. But the reality is, I've explicitly said where we had issues along the OL in this very thread. And I'm on record in many, many threads saying just what I'd do to continue to address the OL.

    We'll see this season how much the new receivers and the extra back help out on offense, and then we can get back together at the end of the year and talk about how much we each know about what wins in the NFL right now.

    In the meantime, I'll have to somehow content myself with the fact that the team seems to agree more with my position than they do yours. And you can bundle in the warmth of the dissatisfaction with other members of the board who are intent on not being happy with anything regardless of what the team does.
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    This is most definitely true. We've built the OL the way a lot of teams do, and have had some huge backfires in that process.
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    Im one of the zoners who has been whining for years ( from the playoff debacle in Minny when Romo was running for his life) for OL and complaining about jerry going off with WRs and DBs

    But even though one OL doesnt fix draft is not enough to fix everything. It was very unusual the way OL was flying off the shelf in the draft so early , I'm happy atleast he got a decent player for the interior.

    Who knows, may be the scouts and OL coach were not happy with the rest of O-L in the draft , if they eveluate the guy will not be better than what we have there is no point picking the OL in the later rounds. May be Leary is coming along and Arkin(cough? ) If kawaloski and costa back to health , we would have some options atleast .

    But, DL wasn't addressed( except LB in 6th) in all rounds was a surprise . Maybe Kiffin and Marinelli know what they are doing. We do have Bass, Calloway with one year of experience as backup DTs. Very few pass rushing DEs excel from later rounds, so I'm ok with not going after DEs in rounds 3-6.
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    You and the teams position has resulted in failure. We had this conversation last year and I told you the oline would ruin sny chances for a good season. The line was a mess last year just like me and several others tried to tell you. You are still having problems grasping the epic failure from last year. The notion that you build a team with skill positions and make-do in the trenches is the position the team as taken over the last several years. I don't think you really want to argue with history. This approach doesn't work. It will take Jerry saying it for you to believe it. You have a fondness for supporting his decisions without ever questioning them. Try thinking for yourself.

    By the way, this mess of a team doesn't make me angry any more. Stupidity is expected year after year.
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    I wasn't surprised by only one pick on the oline. I have said that it wouldn't surprise me if the same linemen from last year was starters this year. The run on linemen left a lower grade of talent for them to choose from. There was no excuse for not upgrading the DE and DT positions though. They must have forgot the ball being run down their throats last year. The change to a 4-3 is not going to raise the talent level. Only the draft could do that.
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    I went round and round in so many circles last year regarding OL, you'll forgive me if I have a hard time separating posters out. What I recall most clearly is a handful of active posters who hated Phil Costa. And then another handful who hated our FA OG acquisitions before either of them got on the field.

    My position was that Costa was improving, and that his issues were massively overrated by the crowd who thought he would literally not make any other team's roster.

    And my position on the OGs was that we should wait to see them play as a unit because Bill Callahan was a good OL coach and was clearly involved in the selection of these players for his squad.

    My positions on the OTs was that Tyron Smith was in for the typical OT sophomore slump that would be exacerbated by the move to LT, but that by the end of the year he'd probably be playing there at a high level. And I thought that Doug Free moving to RT would cover up the problems he had with both speed and power the year before on the left.

    In retrospect, limited experience showed I was right about Phil Costa, that Livings was able to play at an acceptable level most of the year. That Mack struggled mightily early because of his injury and surgical repair early in the offseason and settled down to 'tolerable' later. And Doug Free Snydered the bed in his move to RT.

    The biggest problem we had early was the fact that we were starting a 4th string C who is too tall to have leverage for the position, too slow of foot to be of any help with run blocking, and who had been in camp 5 whole days before his debut with the team. The second biggest problem was the RT.

    If you want to take a victory lap for not being right about either of those things, be my guest.

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