News: SAE: Cowboys Minicamp Report

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LaTunaNostra, May 30, 2005.

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    I think it's pretty important as well. It's a possibility that Bledsoe will go out for a game or two at some point. If that happens, having a guy with moxie and knowledge of the play book is crucial.

    I suppose we'd rely on our defense and deep running game in a situation like that, but you still have to have a guy that can handle his own if called upon to do so ... the deer in the head lights guy is going to get pummeled in that situation if teams see a weakness there.

    Of course, I could be wrong. But I really doubt I am here.
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    I think it was a given that Since Henson was the guy to come in and take over in the Ravens game that he would get the start on thanksgiving. It would have been detrimental to Henson and to team chemistry to change back to Romo at that point. But remember that Romo did come back and beat out Henson (if that's the way you want to look at it) again for two more weeks after Henson's playing time.

    Personally I think too much is being made of that situation. Romo and Henson were each the #2 guy for 8 weeks in the season and it was spread somewhat throughout the season. I think Parcells was not ready to name either guy as his #2 and was just spliting the time there. Now he thinks that if they are ready and he will name his #2 for the season and that will be that until NEXT training camp.
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    Yes - Parcells has made it clear - he's naming a backup this season.

    This is eery to 03 starting competition.
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    If you can prove that by playing on STs that alone caused his back problems then you would have a point. But you can't. You can't even prove that his back problems are only caused by football. Perhaps he was going to have them anyway.

    That is not a foolish notion. Many people end up with back problems leading a very sedentary life.

    We place huge loads on the lumbar spine because of our erect posture and bipedal locomotion.
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    Doesn't Roy Williams play ST? Woodson did most of his career.
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    Don't beat a dead horse, bucko.

    This is a technique I use sometimes. I say something that is wrong, but if the person I am arguing with doesn't call it out, I have just made a point out of nothing. In this case I was called out on it. I admitted it was a dumb post and the case was closed. Maybe if you would read the thread before you post you would know that I had already been called out on it. I don't need someone coming in just to restate something that has already been said.

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    Darren Woodson also played on special teams through most of his career. BP makes this statement as another 'tool' to motivate his players, as to who will step up and compete for these spots. And to get Davis some more incentive to improve to become the starter. Sounds like it to me anyway.

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