News: SAEN: Cowboys' Romo undaunted by criticism

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    IRVING - With his turnover-plagued performance in the season opener still a hot topic, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo vowed Wednesday to "come back with great energy" and "play good football going forward."

    Romo was outstanding through three quarters Sunday night, but his fourth-quarter fumble and interception helped the New York Jets rally to win 27-24.

    Romo's mistakes overshadowed the 342 yards and two touchdowns he produced through the air against a fierce defense. The miscues also made him determined to bounce back in a big way at San Francisco (1-0) on Sunday.

    "Anyone who thinks I'm going to fold up the tent or this team is, they don't know us very well," Romo said. "I'm excited about the 49er game. I just can't wait to get out on the field."

    Skewered by Sapp

    Romo's play in the opener reignited the debate about whether he has got what it takes to lead Dallas to the Super Bowl. Cris Collinsworth, Warren Sapp and Phil Simms explored that topic on Showtime's Inside the NFL this week.

    Sapp buried Romo, saying he's "not made for the big stage." It's an opinion shared by many, but Romo avoids listening to the naysayers.

    "If you play the position and you throw an interception and your team loses a football game, that's going to happen," Romo said of the criticism. "If you think that all of a sudden people shouldn't say certain things, you need to find a different position or play a different sport.

    "(Criticism) just goes with the territory."
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    ROMO could care less about all of the haters from the CowboyZone.......because HE is taking the DALLAS COWBOYS to the SUPER BOWL!
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    If you can't handle being question or people doubting you have no business playing sports. There will always be those who will claim what a player can and can't do if the player buys into it he may as well turn in his uniform
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    I agree, and I believe ROMO can brush off the critics, and be a leader for the Dallas Cowboys and move forward regardless of what the media/fans think of him.
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    I will take this loss if romo learns and in fact moves forward.

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