Saints call ATL radio hosts mocking Gleason 'grossly offensive'

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cajuncocoa, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Exactly. It's a performance based decision-- no different than a stock broker who lost a ton of money for his clients... he'd likely be let go. The company they worked for didn't like their performance for that day and thought it was enough to let them go. Considering that Radio is perception based, it was totally just to let them go.

    Has nothing to do with politics. It's an in-house matter.
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    Another area that some companies differ with their employees is their dress...

    Some companies have a strict business dress code with suit and tie.

    Some companies have a casual dress code.

    Some companies want the employees to wear specific uniforms which could be a specific shirt and hat with the companies logos on it.
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    yes i realize that, but what some people dont realize is, its getting worse.
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    Trust that if you bring in the kind of revenue like, say Rush does, you can say pretty much whatever you want. These guys are probably fairly expendable. in fact, I think Rush used to joke on Michael J Fox's disease.
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    yet some hosts have to apologize, as did he for some things he said, which by no means went as far as these people did.
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    Basic cost analysis. If keeping those guys around doesn't overly hurt the company's pocket books, then they keep them around. If it cost too much to keep them, then they send them packing.

    There are radio and TV personalities out there that have said some controversial or offensive things and kept their jobs because in the long run they make their respective companies more money than they lose.

    These fellows obviously weren't that important to their radio station for the station to want to deal with the headache and potential revenue loss of keeping them or suspending them.

    I got no problem with their employers choosing to fire them. I would have no problem if their employers chose to keep them around. I don't know who they are and don't listen to them. I only know about them because of this incident. It isn't worth my time to protest about how they should be fired or not.

    If I was in their listening area I would probably just tune into a different station. I found what they did to be tasteless. They also didn't sound as if they were any good or entertaining. Just hearing that brief bit I could tell that their show wasn't for me.
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    As are the transgressions that are getting some people fired in the first place.

    You might make an argument that people would not have been fired back in the day for saying something on the radio...I say back in the day most DJs would not go so far as making fun of a guy that is in the condition that the person is in right now.

    Maybe you need to quit asking yourself where is the line that an employer feels will get an employee fired and ask where is the line that the employee crosses to get themselves fired.

    These DJs were idiots and deserved to be fired.
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    that depends on where people are going to point the finger, society, education, parents, environment. Lots of places to go with it. Than again we also know a lot more today than we did long ago. Not everything is just one disease or we have one cure, so our population is more informed.

    its very hard to draw the lines, yet easy to follow the crowd.
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    one of the hosts knew what he was doing was wrong because he said "I don't know if I want to be part of this" and then he went right ahead and did the "joke". If you're brain is telling you that you shouldn't be doing something then you probably shouldn't do it
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    Not a first amendment issue....the 1st amendment protects you against the government putting you in jail for speaking your mind. It doesn't protect you from being an idiot in the private sector.

    added on edit: I answered this before reading on to see that several other people addressed this comment already. :eek::
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    I think it's still apples and oranges.

    They are a sports show, but it mixes in comedy into the show. They made a joke that fell flat and insulted people. Firing on the spot was likely uncalled for.

    If the corporation found out that the sponsors were going to pull if they weren't fired...that's another thing.

    But at what point do we draw the line?

    What if Brad Sham is calling the action on the field and says that was a 'stupid play' and a faction of people came forward and said they were offended by the word 'stupid?'

    Or what if Cellini was impersonating Stephen Hawking instead of Steve Gleason? I would bet we would NEVER hear anything about it.

    I would rather see them get fired the old fashioned way...listeners being offended and refusing to listen to them anymore. Then their ratings drop and the station is forced to fire them.

    That way we can see a genuine dislike of the product and the free market deciding their fate.

  13. Yakuza Rich

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    I think we can call a spade a spade here. Technically, it's not a constitutional 1st amendment issue because nobody was jailed over it.

    But, it's a mob mentality over something that was said...basically a joke on a show that does comedy...and their livelihoods were taken away from them.

    Again, I would rather see things play out and see how much their ratings would go down if people were truly this passionate about it. My inclination is that their ratings wouldn't drop and we would find that people really are not that passionate about this as they claim and it's more or less a kneejerk reaction.

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    Some things to note..

    Steak Shapiro has an ownership stake in the station. It's a bit like Jerry Jones firing himself from a radio spot.

    That said, Steak is loud and rarely bothers to do any homework.

    This is an actual Steak quote, regarding Tony Romo..

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    ...........morons gonna be morons, but they were held accountable and CANNED. Hope the turds never work again in ANY decent job. I had a coach with ALS, and it was heart breaking to watch that man waste away. Screw those two clowns.:banghead:
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    790 the zone is horrible anyways. I couldn't stand shapiro. They were the main guys on the station since they did the AM slot. They weren't fired on the spot. It was after the show ended.
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    I believe Shapiro sold his stake in the station in 2010.

    That being said, how any station that he doesn't own would put that untalented tool on the air is beyond me. He knows nothing about sports, is unfunny and makes his listeners dumber for the experience.
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    Limbaugh on Fox was about Fox not taking his medicine before testifying about Parkinson's.
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    Why oh why would you make fun of someone suffering like Gleason is? :huh: :confused:
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    did they get thrown in jail? did the government sue them? if not, then you clearly don't understand the 1st amendment.

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