News: Saints only ran 10 times against the Jets

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Bleu Star

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    Oh so you're saying you somewhat see my point in the other thread. ?

  2. 5Stars

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    What came first, the chicken or the egg? lol
  3. cowboys2233

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    We won. That justified it all by itself. And now Murray is as fresh as an apple tree bloom.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    This is just priceless.
  5. TrailBlazer

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    Payton has a ring.
  6. Beast_from_East

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    Exactly..............not sure what the point of this thread is about?
  7. dstovall5

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    I'm sure Garret has a couple of rings as well. Isn't he married?
  8. WoodysGirl

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    What point would that be?

    My personal observation is that these are very similar pass-centric teams. And what we'll see on Sunday is pass-happy shootout.
  9. Beast_from_East

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    If there is no threat of the run, the other team can just drop 7 or 8 guys into coverage making it alot harder to pass.

    If there is at least the threat of the run, the other team has to keep some linebackers on the field or even bring a safety up into the box for run support which opens up the passing lanes.

    This is like football 101..............why is this even being debated?
  10. Corso

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    This could be a four hour game with all the clock stoppages for incompletes and scoring.
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  11. 03EBZ06

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    Yup, along with all the holdings by offense and defense and pass interference calls.
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  12. Shunpike

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    I was able to watch the Saints-Jets game and the reason Saints ran the ball 10 times was due to Jets front 7.

    Jets are #1 defense against the run and they really had no choice. Jets' secondary is their weak point and Sean Payton tried to take advantage of it but couldn't.
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  13. WoodysGirl

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    Well they'll throw in a run or reverse to keep it interesting. But yeah, this could be a long one. lol
  14. Hoofbite

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    So the Jets won because they did pass the ball well?
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  15. Hoov

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    Everyone knows that. But if you dont run well, and the other team knows you dont run well is it really that much of a threat just because you line up a back in the backfield. And if you dont have success on 1st down whether you choose run or pass, your probably going to pass on 2nd or 3rd because your down and distance will dictate choosing a passing play. So already your off balance.

    But some teams still pass well without having the threat of a big ground game and they win by passing better than the other team whether its because their QB is better than the other teams or because their pass defense is better than the other teams.

    In this past game i think the running plays were really low (even for the cowboys) because i think they had poor success on 1st downs due to penalties, dropped passess and runs for loss so it looks even more skewed than normal.
  16. cowboys1981

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    I can see both teams going pass heavy. In today's NFL you don't necessarily need to count on the run week in and out.

    It's more important you show your strength in attacking and let the opposition know what they have on their hands for 60 minutes.

    In our case, the passing attack is our strength since we can depend on Romo and the durability of our receivers more than we can any of our backs. How can we get a consistent running game going when we can't get our backs on the playing field on a consistent basis due to injuries?
  17. Bleu Star

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    I just hope we come out on top of that shootout because we outsmarted Mr. Payton.

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  18. Don Corleone

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    If the Cowboys would have pounded the rock by running and lost, Garrett would have been criticized for not exploiting the weak Vikings secondary.
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  19. DejectedFan1996

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    Ugh, dunno if its been stated but people do realize the Saints were down by 7 at one point? Were we ever down more than 4 points against the Vikings? They did not have the lead in this game with the exception of the first or second quarter. Dallas was never down more than 4 and had the lead by 2 possessions at one point and still felt the need to continue passing.
  20. AdamJT13

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    We never had the ball with more than a three-point lead, and we had the ball more times when we were behind (four) than we did when we were ahead (three) or when we were tied (three).

    We actually have one of the highest RUN percentages in the league when we're ahead by at least two touchdowns -- including higher than every other division leader (the 8-1 Seahawks, the 5-3 Packers and Lions, the 6-2 Saints, the 9-0 Chiefs, the 7-2 Patriots, the 6-3 Bengals and the 6-2 Colts) as well as the 7-1 Broncos.
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