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Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ajk23az, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. ajk23az

    ajk23az Through Pain Comes Clarity

    7,840 Messages
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    Anyone have one of these? If so, what do you think of it?

    I'm looking for a lighter laptop to use for school as I have to walk 2 miles back and forth to class 5x a week. Plus it'll extend the life of my other laptop as I won't use it as much.
  2. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am Unfriendly and Aloof!

    37,391 Messages
    5,391 Likes Received
    I'm still iffy on Chromebooks, but then again I don't know anyone who has one.

    As for the Samsung notebooks. I recently purchased the Samsung Series 9. (NP900X4C-A03US) I wiped Windows off and put Ubuntu on it. I absolutely love it. It's a work of art. 15" screen 1/2 inch thick, 8Gbs of memory, 256 SSD drive and only weights 3.6lbs.

    My last laptop was almost 6lbs. Carrying this thing around Manhattan makes a major difference vs the old laptop.
  3. ajk23az

    ajk23az Through Pain Comes Clarity

    7,840 Messages
    196 Likes Received
    Nice. I decided that I was just going to get a docking station for my Transformer Prime and use that as my "laptop" at school.

    All I need it for at school is to take notes as I can use my regular laptop to do actual work on it.

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