Samsung expected to unveil next-gen Galaxy S III at May 3 event

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Phoenix, May 2, 2012.

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    Samsung on May 3 is expected to unveil the next-generation Galaxy S III, the latest iteration of a blockbuster device that has helped the South Korean company overtake Apple as the world’s largest smartphone maker.

    “A whole new world will soon be unpacked,” Samsung promises on its official Galaxy splash page. Perhaps taking a page from the Apple iPad 3 playbook, the company has thus far referred to upcoming phone as the “next” Galaxy S.

    "We are anticipating very strong demand of Galaxy S," said senior VP Robert Yi, during the company’s Q1 earnings call, a comment believed to be a reference to the new phone.

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    I absolutely love my phone, though my connection was 100x better in San Francisco than it is here in NY.

    I got to admit though. There are a few bugs that need to be fixed (like the G3->G4 switching) Google needs to hurry up and release the update that I heard has been ready more than once. (ie, they were going to release 4.0.3 or something and then instead of 4.0.3, they've decided to wait for 4.0.5)
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    That's one of the few things that i have any kind of problem with on this one too. My gf HATES that her i4s is slower at everything important compared to my Nexus. We both have Verizon, but i can run a google search and be reading the result by the time her search query displays.
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    Im still debating waiting on the new S3 to launch or getting the EU version of the HTC One X w/ quad core instead of the US SD 1.3 DC processor.

    You can get a new unlocked EU One X for 600.00 shipped right now. The S3 has a much better camera though.

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    Damn I'm tempted. Buddy has an S2 and it's nice, big and super fast, even faster than my iPhone.

    Will see what Apple has up its sleeve and then decide...
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    Yep, that's my quandry.....kinda hate it that the One X doesn't have a MicroSD slot. (I'd just like to be able to move all my music by slotting in my card.) HTC still have a few quality issues so it maybe prudent to wait a while and see.
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    The final build leaked a few days ago and is slowly rolling out. It seems some developer phones and store phones started getting it. The rumor is that everyone else will get it over the next month or so.

    It's 4.0.4 build IMM76K and comes with new radios which are MUCH better.
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    Wasn't too impressed with it.

    I think the cpu in the GNex is at the sweet spot. Battery life is already pretty pathetic. You want more power? You have to pay for it.

    Samsung layer on top of Android. Fail. Especially if you couple that with being on Verizon. Updates will probably be slow.


    Been running LiquidICS (ICS 4.0.4) for a week now. No reboots at all. No drop signal either. Very light weight and slick. Phone is much more responsive vs stock. Plenty of customization options.

    I flashed the leaked 404 radios a few weeks ago. Honestly, I can't say if it did anything. I have great 3G coverage where I'm at. They haven't turned on 4G yet, but I caught them while they were testing it last weekend. Speed was decent and signal was full bars just about everywhere I frequent.
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    I just bought the GNex a week ago and absolutely love it. Have no trouble switching from 3g to 4g at all. Battery life is about 10 hours on 4g, stock.

    Haven't had any other bugs that I could tell either. Coming from a HTC Thunderbolt, this phone is the shiznit! :)
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    What was your screen time?

    You're not getting 10 hours of constantly using your phone.

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