Sasquatch Mock 3.0 (Penultimate mock)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sasquatch, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Previous mocks.

    All indicators are pointing in the direction of Mark Barron as our first selection which is hardly surprising given our perennial need at the position and inability to find a longterm solution. I am fine with this pick and think that it provides an immediate boost to a defense which has struggled in the past few years with big pass plays. In this draft, my priority is to shore up our secondary, the interior OL, and bring in some bodies in an effort to improve our lackluster DL play.

    Mark Barron, S, Alabama Steady, heady, and ready to man a position that has been in flux since the departure of Woody. Puts a definitive end to those end of the game breakdowns when the opposing team drives the length of the field and leaves our DBs pointing fingers at each other because they’re not on the same page.

    Kevin Zeitner, OG, Wisconsin. Our coaching clearly has an eye on one of the WI OL prospects and Zeitner is the one most likely to be there when we pick in the second round. His technical perfectionism, workmanlike attitude, and mean streak fits the mold of a “Garrett player.” Might offer some versatility if he can pay center.

    Alonzo Dennard, DB, Nebraska. Injury, speed, and size concerns have dropped him considerably since the end of the season but his bread and butter of winning at the line of scrimmage fits well with what Ryan wants to do on defense. Offers some security given Jenkin’s injuries and contract status and Oscan’s inconsistency.

    Kheeston Randall, DE/DT, Texas. Has the athleticism, strength, and work habits to develop into a versatile lineman whether inside or outside. May not make a ton of plays in the backfield but can hold the line and push back the pocket.

    Malik Jackson, DE, Tennessee. Jackson has good size and agility but is somewhat raw and still growing as a player. Most likely a rotational player early on in his career but has the skills and natural ability to develop into a solid starter if he could put it all together.

    Audie Cole, ILB, NC St. With the departure of James and uncertain status of Brookings, we need to bring some fresh blood to the ILB corps. Cole is athletic and an all-around solid ILB prospect who can provide depth at a thin position and contribute on special teams.

    James Hanna, TE, OK I know the team appears eager to find a TE early in the draft, but after our experiences with Fasano and Bennett, I’m a bit skeptical of taking a TE before the fourth round as we are not a two pass-catching TE team like New England. Hannah is a good blocker who has excellent speed and potential despite not having elite production at Oklahoma.

    Grant Garner, C, OK St. All Big-12 First team center who has the size, the mental disposition, and experience against topflight competition to potentially compete with the likes of Costa and Killa for what is admittedly the weakest link on the OL.
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    I ike everything but Denard. If he is going to succeed in the NFL it wont be in man coverage, thats almost for sure. There's better CB's to draft in thr 3rd
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    I like Zeitner a ton -- he really fits with our historical OL draft philosophy ... but I doubt he's there when we pick

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    I really like Jackson Sas. I think that he's going to turn out to be a big surprise for a team. He's one of my pet cats as well. I think he is probably going to go higher then 5th but I would love to see him there. He's playing out of position at Tennessee. He should be playing on the outside. If he gets that opportunity, I think he could transition to SOLB in a 34 and be pretty good there. He would have to get a little lighter but I think he can. Nice pick.
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    I feel pretty comfortable taking Dennard in the 3rd as he is an intelligent, feisty, and hardworking player. I see him as a Brandon Flowers type. I suppose it all depends on whether our scouts think his Senior Bowl week was an aberration or exposed serious holes in his game.
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    I'm not sure why people wouldn't love Dennard in the 3rd. He was once considered a late first round target and I completely agree about him winning the line of scrimmage and being physical with receivers. I'd be happy with him or Minnifield if they fell to the 3rd.
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    Notice I didn't include slot numbers. I'm hedging my bets and allowing for possible moves up or down. :)
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    Interesting. You're a think outside the box kind of fella, aren't you? :)

    I saw him strictly as a DE. You think he can drop in coverage?
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    I like it .nice job .. btw it's Zeitler ..
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    I like it.

    For my tastes, I would switch CBs and probably take only one DL and swap the other for a WR.

    But I really like the first two picks and Hanna as well at the end of the Draft.
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    I really need to get in the habit of proofreading! Oh well, too late to edit now, so the world will see that I'm a lazy editor.
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    I have a bad feeling Zeitler and Konz won't be available at #45

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    Yeah I do. He's got excellent feet. Real good first step, real good lateral movement and he is strong at the point of attack. Heck, he played DT at Tennessee but he was a stand up DE at USC before transferring. He only played DT for Tennessee because of massive losses to the position. He's not a DT. He should be playing on the outside. I think he could be a great SOLB.
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    If it worked out that way that would make this draft even better than it already is. ;)

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