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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sasquatch, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Truth be told, I'm totally at a loss when predicting how this draft will turn out, but I can't resist joining the fun.

    This mock assumes that we fail to move up (possible trade with NE) to secure Iupati or Pouncey and trade down instead with Cleveland who wants to grab a corner (Wilson, McCourty, Robinson) or receiver (Tate, Bryant, Thomas). I'm going to be conservative and say we get their 2nd and 3rd in return.

    We're all familiar with the players by now, so I'm going to keep the commentary and player profiles to a minimum.

    2nd round:

    38. Rodger Saffold, OT/OG, Indiana

    Between Saffold, Free, Brewster, and Newhouse (see below) we should find some effective combination for LT/RT with the others being moved to LG/RG as backups and future starters. However it works out, our tackles will be more athletic and agile which suits the skill set of Romo and Jones.

    59. Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State

    Strong as an ox and stout against the run. Adds depth and talent to the DL in the event that Spears or another departs via free agency in the near future.

    3rd Round:

    72. Taylor Price, WR, Ohio

    I know the brain trust claims to be satisfied with our WR corps and expresses every bit of confidence in RW (I've not given up hope on him yet) but, as the old saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire, and we've expressed interest in so many WRs that I can't help but think we'll draft one to keep churning the talent pool. Price is an excellent athlete and a good value here.

    91. Jerome Murphy, CB, USF

    I would love to add both a corner for depth and a safety to compete for a starting position, but I can't seem to make it work, so barring that I'm taking Murphy here as he can play either position, being athletic and physical, though not a burner. Put him where he fits best.

    4th Round:

    123. Marshall Newhouse, OT/OG, TCU

    Big, athletic, and versatile lineman that can backup multiple positions and eventually start at guard. The goal here is to not only get younger but also more mobile without sacrificing too much brute strength up front.

    6th Round:

    192. Rodderick Muckelroy, OLB, Texas

    Cowboys have shown interest in him and in the linebacker position in general. Our roster is pretty crammed with LBs but I think we'll continue to draft LBers until we can find adequate backups and eventual replacements for James and Brooking. I envision him as a Will backer.

    7th Round:

    226. John Connor, FB, Kentucky

    Can't have a Cowboys draft without a TE or FB, and since the team has expressed an interest in him, he's my last pick.
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    Excellent, I really like it. Good job on picking people who other folks don't usually pick. Looks realistic.

    I like the Saffold and Price picks especially.
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    Nice Mock man.
  4. Alexander

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    I agree. It looks very good and is sensible with where and why the players were chosen.

    I could also see the trade down with Cleveland. Holmgren has stockpiled choices up and down in this draft. He could part with a second/third easily and possibly more from the 2011 draft. I would not be shocked if they moved up for Wilson or McCourtey.
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    3 round I really likeAndre Roberts, The Citadel

    192. Rodderick Muckelroy, OLB, Texas we already have to many OLBers

    but nice
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    I like Roberts as well, and think he could contribute immediately as a returner, but our receivers tend to be taller, and we have shown some interest in Smith. I'd be perfectly content with Roberts, though.

    I, too, think that we have too many linebackers already, but from all the reports I've read it seems like an area that we are scouting pretty heavily.

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