Saturday in the Mock, Dreaming of the 4th of July

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I haven't had a mock draft in my head in at least 24 hours, so I need a fix. You get to determine if I need rehab or not.

    I am going Defense heavy because I believe we need it more and we should address Offense mostly in FA with a Guard.

    I still say there is not an OL worthy of a top 10 pick. CB or DL? Ya'll can claim he will not be there, but I am not buying it.

    1. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU, 6'2", 220. I admit it, I got it bad for this player. We have to be better in passing defense and the only way to do that is to cover better or kill the QB so fast that he can't find anyone. I think the best solution is to cover better. On top of this Newman is 33 and we cannot afford to lose him. That means CB is a critical need area. I continue to insist that Newman can play FS. This is my pick.

    2. Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin, 6'8", 320.
    I do not buy that he is a 1st round pick, but he is a steal at the top of the 2nd. My reason is simple, RTs do not usually go in round 1 and he is a RT in the NFL. Lucky us we need one badly.

    3. Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina, 6'2", 205. A late season leg injury benefits the Cowboys in a huge way by landing us the best cover Safety in this Draft. You have to stop the pass. You have to have guys who can cover.

    4. Kendrick Ellis, NT, Hampton, 6'4", 340. I will finally listen to the idea that Ratliff could move to DE if we can land a NT like this to groom. He and Brent could be vital keys to such a move but we need both or Ratliff stays at NT.

    5. Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon, 6'2", 240. You guys know how hooked I am on pedigree. No one has better pedigree than the Matthews family, they are the NFL. If we get his uncle Bruce as an Assistant Coach we score twice with a move like this.

    6. Davon House, CB, New Mexico State, 6'0", 180. You cannot have enough quality CBs and this kid will be a late round steal for someone and it ought to be us.

    7. Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama, 6'3", 225. A perfect QB to groom. He is smart, has a quick release, and by the way, a Cowboys pedigree. I am not sure he could ever start, but a perfect backup kind of guy if nothing else.
  2. Biggems

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    Hos, I don't see House making it out of the 3rd round, much less the 6th round.......unless he absolutely bombs at the combine.
  3. The Realist

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    Dig it except for the NT. I'd take Powe if he was there.
  4. jnday

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    I think you got a point with Powe. Seems like he is getting overlooked in the NT discussion. He has played against better competition than the other NT prospects.
  5. LatinMind

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    i like it.

    Dont let Casmith see that you have Carimi going in the 2nd round. He'll have a heart attack and preach how Carimi is a Outland award winner and they are locks to be top picks.

    Im actually starting to think Amukamara will on the board when Dallas picks. I really dont think peterson will be tho. I'd take either of them.
  6. TheDallasDon

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    Magnifico!!!!! L'amore si ........................great mock I hope it goes just like this
  7. Bigdog

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    I'll take that draft in heartbeat but I do not think that Peterson or Camri will be there when we pick. If they are, then they are steals and Stephen Jones may have to bail his father out of jail for highway robbery.
  8. sonnyboy

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    1st round (9) - Hold up the Skins for (10) and (106) so they can move up one spot to get a QB.
    1st round (10) - Trade for (21), (53), (85) and (117).

    1st round (21)- RT Carmini
    2nd round (41)- FS Moore
    2nd round (53)- OG Hudson
    3rd round (73)- OG Moffitt
    3rd round (85)- NT Powe
    4th round (105)- OT Hall
    4th round (106)- CB House
    4th round (117)- S Jarrett
    5th round (137)- ILB Macarthy
    6th round (169)- WR
    7th round (210)- RB
  9. CATCH17

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    If Bulaga is a 1st round talent Carimi sure as heck is.
  10. TheCount

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    You already know I'd love for this to happen.
  11. mwj473

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    The Skins do not have a 4th round pick.

    They have 1,2,5,6,7,7 I believe
  12. Prossman

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    hostile i would be doing a halleluya breakdown if our draft turned out that way! prossman
  13. CCBoy

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    I think that the only way that DE isn't hit quickly in the draft, is if a special nose tackle is acquired. Either in the draft or via free agency, if that gets off the ground soon enough.
  14. brooksey1

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    This draft would be great. The only question I have is Gabe Carimi a steal at the top of the 2nd? I have him projecting mid 2nd to early 3rd round. In fact I'll quote the "OurLads" January newsletter "Gabe Carimi struggles at times with balance and edge speed. Plays with heavy feet. Will overextend and go to the ground." There were no positive remarks.

    I would still be okay with Gabe Carimi but the steal in the early 2nd would be Tyron Smith or Anthony Costanzo, they are both projected higher.
  15. casmith07

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    Players' stock can change, and so can other people's opinions. Calling me out to make yourself feel better is an underhanded move, but I'd expect nothing more from you.

    I still think Carimi is a first rounder, though I think he's more in the middle of the first round and not at #9 -- if you've been paying attention I've always said to trade down to select him either around #16 or in the 20s. But you haven't, as is the case with most people around here who have an agenda.
  16. casmith07

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    I know, right?
  17. TheCount

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    A lot of people expected Bulaga to go much earlier than he did too, to be fair.
  18. Manwiththeplan

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    Jeff Otah, Gosder Cherilus and Levi Brown (definately a *** pick, but top 5) were all RT prospects that went in round 1 recently. Not to mention guys like Bulaga, Andre Smith and Anthony Davis who "could" play LT, but have only played RT
  19. RS12

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    Still doubt Peterson falls to 9, and I'd still rather have a DL or pass rusher there.
  20. TheCount

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    True but the question isn't where he could go in the first, the question is if he could go in the second.

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