Scandricks contract and Mike Jenkins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OklahomaCowboy88, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. jterrell

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    you spread the cap hit for cutting him over two seasons.
  2. Sarge

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    No way does this happen IMO.
  3. jterrell

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    no, he won't.

    Jenkins has 1 pro bowl to his credit, not 3 or 4. He doesn't have the record of health Carr had going for him.

    He will get big offers but people will not want to be locked into a big-money long-term deal on a guy with his injury history.

    I think 5 years 40 mil is about what he'll get.
    OR Dallas could bite the bullet and franchise him for 10m.

    We will probably save 10m on the Tony Romo re-structure next off-season. We will pay less for Spencer (extended or re-signed). --the prime draft target is probably OLB or RT imho

    The franchising would allow Dallas to pay Jenkins a nice pay day while having another draft to shoot for young CB help.

    Scandrick's deal gets more realistic every day as other contracts rise but he'll probably continue to restructure or face release. His play hasn't warranted even plus nickel money. OR Dallas could trade Scandrick as he is definitely useful to some teams.

    I still think the team will move on but the deal they made with spencer shows me they consider buying a year good football business and thus far have been proven right. the cowboys mgmt generally stick with a strategy once it works for them.

    only stephen jones truly knows how they feel about this.
  4. RoyTheHammer

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    That's one more pro bowl than Carr has ever been too. You guys should read my post about Ware vs Mario if you think its not reasonable to expect Jenkins might get more money than Carr did.
  5. newlander

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    stays healthy rest of season (BIG IF....) why don't we just use the franchise tag on him?
  6. jterrell

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    mario williams was a 1st overall selection who went to one of the least favorite markets in the country. he is both big and fast. he may have been the top 4-3 DE available as well as the top 3-4 OLB to hit the market. there really wasn't a close second.

    Ware was resigned early for the "discount".

    Carr has outplayed Jenkins easily the past 3 seasons; pro bowls or not. He is also much physically more sound.

    Again Jenkins isn't gonna top Carr dollars. We paid a huge price for Carr because we were desperate and scouted him as our top overall need.

    It is VERY early but the list at CB for free agency looks strong with 3 or 4 guys as good as Jenkins and maybe 5 or 6 as coveted with health considered:

    Brent Grimes – ATL
    Chris Owens – ATL
    Domonique Foxworth – BAL
    Leodis McKelvin – BUF
    Darius Butler – CAR
    Captain Munnerlyn – CAR
    D.J. Moore – CHI
    Sheldon Brown – CLE
    Mike Jenkins – DAL
    Danny McCray – DAL (R)
    Cassuis Vaughn – DEN
    Aaron Berry – DET (R)
    Alphonso Smith – DET
    Sam Shields – GB (R)
    Brice McCain – HOU
    David Caldwell – IND (R)
    Jerraud Powers – IND
    Derek Cox – JAC
    Sean Smith – MIA
    Asher Allen – MIN
    Josh Barrett – NE
    Jabari Greer - NO
    Brian Witherspoon – NYG
    Brandon Hughes – PHI
    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – PHI
    Bryant McFadden – PIT
    Quentin Jammer – SD
    Antoine Cason – SD
    Shawntae Spencer – SF
    Ronald Bartell – STL
    Bradley Fletcher – STL
    Aqib Talib – TB
    E.J. Biggers – TB
    Ryan Mouton – TEN
    Kevin Barnes – WAS
  7. RoyTheHammer

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    Mario Williams isn't, hasn't been, and never will be even close to the player Ware is. Granted Ware never hit the open market, but he also didn't give us any discount either.. he went into the negotiations saying he wanted to be paid like an elite QB, lol. He got what he thought was a fair deal at the time.

    The reality is, the price goes up each year as the market is set. We didn't give Carr much more money than any of the other top FA CB's got this past offseason. Its just the way it goes.

    Salaries go up and up each year as owners get greedy, and then eventually it comes back to the owners complaining that players are making too much money.

    Carr hasn't "easily" outperformed Jenkins the last 3 years either, imo. They are much closer than some think.
  8. ghst187

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    how many reiterations does it take for people to understand that:
    A) no one will likely give us more than a 4th round pick for Jenkins unless they get in dire straights i.e. desperate and then it'll probably only be a third
    B) We can use Jenkins this year for solid depth cuz rest assured that one of our starters will miss some time
    C) If we cut Jenkins we won't get the 4th round compensatory pick for him which we would likely be entitled to if we just let him walk after the season is over

    so bottomline, unless you can get a second or likely high third round pick for Jenkins, it doesn't make sense for us to move him bc we will get a fourth for him by letting him walk after the season. Could really have some ammo next draft, possibly two fourth round comp for Jenkins and one for possibly six picks in the first four rounds....OL, DL, OL, S, RB, OLB.
  9. dogunwo

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    If teams are always paying top corners at a certain level, then thats not overpaying, thats market value.
  10. supercowboy8

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    yeah newman made the probowl that year to. Also Carr was in the AFC where there was several better CBs in the AFC that year.
    Also Jenkins was the second alternative and only made the probowl due to two people dropping out.

    If someone pays Jenkins more than Carr, then great go ahead and over pay. I will take Carr every day at the discount.
  11. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

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    this is the best alternative.
  12. RoyTheHammer

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    Im not sure how that affects this conversation at all? :confused:

    Anyway, the point is, the market price for FA's goes up every year for a number of reasons. Its not that one player is better than the other, its just how the economics work in the NFL.

    If there are a couple good CB's in the FA market this year, whoever gets the first deal will say, "Well this is what the top CB's got last year, i deserve at least that." They'll visit a couple teams to drive the price up and some team will bite and pay. Then the other top players at that position will use that initial contract as leverage to get themselves more too.

    In the same light, owners will overpay for mediocre talent at times, which then drives up the price for the good players, which then drives up the price for the great players.. and it just keeps going until the owners start complaining that the players are making too much and then we have a repeat of the lockout.

    Its silly, but that's how it works. Again, prime example, Ware's contract vs. Mario's contract this offseason.

    Ware is clearly a much much better player, but Mario is making 22 million more. Just how it goes.
  13. dallasdave

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    So, do we trade Jenkins?
  14. TheDallasDon

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    No.....not unless its a 1st or a high 2nd!!!

    If he walks at the end of the year....The Boys get a pick, so it would be point less to trade him for anything less, plus we need him so that adds even more can we stop asking this?

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