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    These days, NFL Network might as well be called Court TV. Legal proceedings continue dominating headlines, and probably will until training camp.

    The next one will involve Chicago defensive tackle Tank Johnson, whose suspension could come as soon as June 1 and no later than June 4.

    The NFL spent much of this past week wrapping up all the discussions it needed to have about Johnson. All that now remains is for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to write his decision letter, which could happen June 1.

    When Johnson's suspension is handed down, it is expected to be between six and eight games. Some have speculated between two and four games; but based on the evidence and Johnson's legal history, there is next to no chance of that happening.

    Goodell repeatedly has sent strong messages to the players about the new conduct expected of them; he will send another in regards to Johnson, who will get between six and eight games.

    Those waiting for Goodell's decision on Adam "Pacman" Jones' appeal of his season-long suspension will have to wait a while longer.

    The league is not expected to announce its verdict until the end of next week, at the earliest, and it could well be the week after, in mid-June.

    Ultimately, the league could decide to write a decision that would have different outcomes based on what happens with Jones' pending legal cases in Georgia and Las Vegas. If Jones could be proven innocent in those cases, it's possible his suspension could be reduced. If not, then it could continue to stand at 16 games.

    But the league and Jones' legal representation still has some paperwork to sift through and nothing is expected to be handed down until mid-June.

    Sometime soon, maybe as early as June 1, Miami linebacker Joey Porter will be invited to NFL headquarters in New York to explain to the league's management council his version of events in the March fight he had with Cincinnati offensive tackle Levi Jones.

    On May 30, Porter pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, satisfying the courts.

    But now comes the NFL, which has a new player-conduct policy in place. The league is expected to summon Porter and ask him to meet with Adolpho A. Birch III or Dennis Curran, two key figures in the league's management council.

    What Porter tells the management council will be factored into whether the commissioner decides to take action against the Dolphins linebacker.

    When punishments are debated, it is important to remember that since Goodell took office, players and coaches have informed him that fines are not deterrents to improper conduct, but suspensions are. If the league punishes Porter, it's likely it would come in the form of a suspension.

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    Something is wrong here....No Cowboys' in trouble right now?
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    *yawns* I'm ready for some real football talk, like game action!
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    NFL talk.......

    on the field > in the courts

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