Schefter: Miles is a potential salary cap casualty

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nation, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. burmafrd

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    his constant hamstring problems mean he is not near 100% most of the time. At some point you have to take a hard look at that.

    He is probably at less than 90% most of each season because of his hammies
  2. bkight13

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    Miles Austin....... G GS Rec Yds Avg TD
    2009 25 DAL WR 16 09 81 1320 16.3 11
    2010 26 DAL WR 16 16 69 1041 15.1 7
    2011 27 DAL WR 10 10 43 579 13.5 7
    2012 28 DAL WR 16 15 66 943 14.3 6

    He is hardly a problem and look at what Laurent Robinson got last year
  3. Zordon

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    This is so weird. Didn't Broaddus come out after the season ended and say that numerous people in the organization were not happy with Miles' effort?
  4. TheRomoSexual

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    Exactly. People act like he's getting Calvin Johnson money.
  5. Zordon

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    Honestly Schefter has been off his game the last year or so.
  6. xwalker

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    From Garrett's press conference at the combine:

    When asked if Mile Austin would also “absolutely” be back in 2013, Garrett said it will come down to business decisions, but later added the Cowboys’ only issue with Austin is his health. Garrett said Austin was not 100 percent in 2012 and saw a true burst from Austin only twice all of last year.

    Not the ringing endorsement that he gave to some other players.
  7. FLcowboy

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    And not a big hit on the team's chances for success,

    But, who takes his place? There's no one on the team today.
  8. Vinnie2u

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    Ain't Gonna happen.. He's cheap for a #2 and we don't have a replacement. Why create another hole..
  9. TwoDeep3

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    I love the notion that people think of Miles as a number two receiver and place Dez ahead when Dez is clearly the possession receiver and Miles is the deep threat.

    Carry on.
  10. Gemini Dolly

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    Nick Eatman ‏@nickeatman
    Jerry Jones said Miles Austin is in the Cowboys' plans for 2013. But it sounds like changes in his contract will be made to help cap.
  11. speedkilz88

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    Changes in his contract would be turning most of his salary for 2013 in to a bonus.
  12. Arkyvarminter

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    Miles Austin isn't going anywhere. Jerry loves his players and they play here until they have to be carted off the field and can't play another down. Seriously though, I think we should keep Miles if we can.....
  13. StarBoyz83

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    Nfldotcom said hes not going anywhere today so...

    Oh well if he does then ill sell my only cowboys jersey. Hes good but Injuries and too much money so whatever happens happens. Not really a big decision for this team.
  14. sonnyboy

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    Of course we should keep him. Only a moron would suggest he should be cut.
  15. KB1122

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    Don't you guys get it? We have to cut Miles so that we can justify using the No. 1 draft pick on a wide receiver rather than an offensive lineman.

    Silly Cowboys fans.
  16. gimmesix

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    I've never been a fan of cutting one of your starters until someone shows they have the talent to replace them.

    I'm not convinced that anyone else we have on the roster is more than a No. 3 at best. So either we would have to a court a No. 2 in free agency who would cost us more than Miles or spend an early pick on one and hope for the best.
  17. JsnSA

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    Its not just about who we have behind Miles. Its about how much he makes and the production he gives. Miles is paid like a number one receiver but over the last few years he is always hurt and as a result plays like a number 2 or even 3 receiver most of the time. and don't let the number of games he played this last season fool you. He may have got on the field but he was not the Miles we know and love.

    He is supposed to be our deep threat...but he really couldn't do that this season or last. It seems like every time he has to turn on the jets he pulls a damn muscle. If he returns to form than he would totally be worth the salary but this is several seasons in a row that he has been plagued by injury.

    As much as I like Miles and want him to return to form I almost want to see him gone just so we don't have to deal with his muscle strains for another season. Of course, if we did that just watch him get back to his old self with some other team.
  18. cowboyz

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    dez gets uncorrected to sex
  19. respectdatstar

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    Dez is our #1 and Witten is our #2. Harris, Beasley, Hanna and a cheaper FA signing can fill whatever void left by Austin's departure. I like the idea of signing Ginn for a decent contract.
  20. Oh_Canada

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    That's strange because Broaddus who works for the company and you would think has some insight into the locker room seems to think the organization wasn't happy with him. I'm also pretty sure JG isn't going to throw Austin under the buss during a media scrum.

    Sorry, but my enduring image of Austin is the last game against the Skins where he jogged back and forth from the locker room on his injured ankle throw on his rain gear and become an analyst from the sideline. Only to return without incident when the 'Boys lost Dez to a debilitating injury. That strikes me as someone who quit on his team and just doesn't have any leadership qualities. I say you put in just about any NFL caliber WR opposite Dez in this offense and they will catch 50-60 balls.

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