Scout: Mike Evans made Johnny Manziel, not other way around

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 30, 2014.

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    It was somewhat lost in the immediate aftermath of Johnny Manziel Mania coming off last week's pro day at Texas A&M, but wide receiver Mike Evans might have put on an even more impressive performance than his teammate during the workout.

    NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt, who was on hand for the event, had the highest praise for Evans, tweeting that Evans had the best hands he had seen since Calvin Johnson. The reactions to Evans' showing only reinforced the notion that he might be picked before Manziel, the player who has overshadowed Evans and every other prospect this year given his celebrity status.

    Evans might not be getting overshadowed by Manziel much on the draft boards of NFL teams, though.

    One NFC scout apparently is much more impressed with Evans than Johnny Football, saying that Manziel has been the bigger beneficiary in the QB-WR relationship.

    "In my opinion, (Evans) made Johnny Manziel, not the other way around," the unnamed scout told "A lot of times, Manziel just ran around and threw it up for grabs, and (Evans) came down with it."
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    I really really like Mike Evans. We'd be downright scary on offense with Dez, Murray, Williams, and Evans. Throw in a dangerous pass catching RB and we'd have a real strong looking offense.
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    I think Evans will very early(maybe right after Sammy watkins),teams will always fall in love with a tall WR with speed with great hands.
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    I have been saying this all along....Evans is the better player and Manziel certainly benefitted from having him there...Manziel was a very good college QB, no question, but having a stud like evans helps to eliminate mistakes....
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    Manziel is still a top 5 pick, top 10 at worst.
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    and they just had to push the draft pack a month.
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    evans needs to be on a team where the qb will let him go up and get it, even when covered which isn't here. Best fit for him is Detroit or NYG
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    Why can't it just be a symbiotic relationship? Why does 1 have to make the other?
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    Manziel is a good QB. Mike Evans is a lot of people's number 1 WR on the board actually.
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    And Dez Bryant can "make" Manziel at the NFL level. I am still of the opinion that if Manziel somehow falls to that #16 pick that Dallas would be foolish to pass on him.
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    well swann and stallworth made Bradshaw so I guess it is possible
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    Why did they do that anyways?
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    Manziel undoubtedly benefited from Evans and a great OL.
    All that said if you are wrong on Manziel you will suffer mightily because playmaking QBs are rare and hard to come by.

    Evans wasn't scrambling through the all NFL to be Alabama defenses the past two years.

    Manziel averaged 95 yards a game rushing and led TAMU in rushing both seasons....
    He passed 'OK' averaging over 300 yards per game against Bama.

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