Scout on Dontari Poe: Watch him play, he didn’t do anything–

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Problem is, I don't think it's talent that he has. Just physical gifts. This guy is an Al Davis type pick IMO. All physical gift and no real talent.
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    I'm sure Poe helped himself at the Combines but in the end it still comes down to how you play. Combine drills will not tell you what kind of player you have. No one plays vs 3 cones or 40 yard dashes or any other drill. Drills are drill it is not the game itself
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    @evansilva: SI's Tony Pauline reports #Cowboys are targeting Dontari Poe at the No. 14 pick. "Poe is the apple of their eyes":

    Insiders please tell me this is a smokescreen?!!

    Pls no Poe!!:bang2:
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    IF Poe works out he will be a force in the middle. Ratliff was able to get past people shooting the gap for the most part. Poe will push the player(s) more and enough to be significant IMO. I would love the pick.

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