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    By Steve Muench

    Note: All combine times are unofficial until the NFL releases results following the final workouts of the week.

    A breakdown of offensive linemen who are standing out during afternoon workouts:

    • Iowa OG Adam Gettis continues to have an impressive workout. He posted a 31½-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-4 broad jump. The averages for guards over the last four combines are 26½ and 8-4. California (Pa.) G Rishaw Johnson also posted a 31½ vertical, and he weighed in 20 pounds heavier than Gettis at 313 pounds.

    • Boise State OT Nate Potter stumbled when asked to pull around a guard. Potter has to take a deeper first step and show better balance. He also showed just average foot speed and balance when asked to change to directions quickly.

    • Midwestern State G Amini Silatolu looked explosive and showed above average lateral quickness when asked to drop and slide in space. California OT Mitchell Schwartz didn't show the same kind of foot speed, but did display above-average footwork and body control.
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    • Two linemen posted impressive 10-yard splits in the 40-yard dash. The first is California (Pa.) G Rishaw Johnson, whose 1.77-second split confirms the initial explosiveness you see on film, and is below the four-year combine average (1.88) for guards. Johnson (6-foot-3, 313 pounds) is as explosive as they come along the interior and gets to the second level quickly. He is solidly in the middle rounds at this point.

    The second is 345-pound Georgia G Cordy Glenn, whose split of 1.76 shows impressive burst for a player with his massive frame. Glenn didn't show great lateral quickness or mobility when asked to change directions in space, but he did a nice job of beating the defender to the corner during a drill designed to simulate a rusher coming off the edge. Glenn has risen quickly after a strong week at the Senior Bowl and is a first-round possibility.

    • Stanford G David DeCastro and Baylor C Phillip Blake didn't shine in the edge-rush drill, but that's somewhat expected from players who line up on the interior. However, Utah OTs Tony Bergstrom and John Cullen both need to show a quicker kick step and slide more fluidly if they hope to make their living on the edge.
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    By Todd McShay

    Osweiler comes up short
    Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler measured shorter than expected at 6-6⅞, but that's a good thing for him. He was listed at 6-8 in college, and no one is thrilled about quarterbacks that tall. Osweiler is rising based on film study, and he's a former Gonzaga basketball recruit with good feet and mobility for his size. He currently ranks at the No. 27 overall prospect on my board.

    Wright the final height winner
    There was concern Baylor WR Kendall Wright would measure right around 5-7, but he came in at 5-10¼. Wright is a dynamic playmaker in the passing game and currently ranks as a first-round prospect and the No. 2 receiver on the board behind Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon.

    Good and bad for running backs
    Alabama RB Trent Richardson won't work out at the combine after minor arthroscopic surgery on his knee, but he showed up in very good shape. Richardson checked in at 5-9¼ and 228 pounds, but he carries the weight amazingly well. He looks more like he's 210 pounds, and is clearly very strong in the lower body. Not surprising for an early-first-round prospect with an elite combination of speed and power.
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    Wow, McShay has Wright as the #2 WR prospect? If he goes in the first round it's going to be crazy.
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    Pretty much everyone has him as the #2 WR on the board and a 1st round value.
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    I wonder if Grubbs and Nicks don't become available if we grab DeCastro in the 1st and then Silatolu. I don't really think it'd happen, but I really wouldn't mind that kind of investment in the OLine to be honest.
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    My boy Silatolu looked very good from what I saw.
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    Cordy is sure going to make it a tough decision with his impressions
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    Lol, who expected Kendall Wright to be only 5'7"???? That's the first time I've ever heard that, lol.
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    If he goes in the first? There are a quite a few GM's that I know of that like Wright as the #1 WR.
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    Lmao glad you noticed that. I thought that was odd
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    Trio who are growing on us

    Illinois G Jeff Allen did not reach the top five in any major category during testing but stood out during drill work. Allen appears to be a bit knock-kneed, but he displayed good flexibility with natural bend throughout the workout. He also did a nice job keeping his feet within his frame, short-stepping and maintaining balance. He showed well during the short-pull drill, running a tight loop while staying low and keeping his feet moving after hitting the bag.

    Oklahoma OT Donald Stephenson turned in a good days' work as well. Stephenson turned in the top 40-yard dash (4.94), broad jump (9-5) and vertical jump (35½) among linemen, and that vertical is 8½ inches better than the four-year average for tackles. Stephenson was able to transition that quick-twitched explosiveness to drill work, coming out of his stance with good initial quickness.

    The 6-5½ and 312-pounder tackle could have shown better balance and often took an extra step when changing direction suddenly, but overall it was a strong showing for Stephenson and evaluators will be forced to go back and take an extra look at his tape.

    Finally, Iowa G Adam Gettis (6-2⅛, 293) also turned heads with an outstanding workout. He has the best 10-yard split (1.66), second-best broad jump (9-4) and third-best 40 (5.00) and vertical (31½) of all offensive linemen. Gettis projects as a Day 3 pick at this point, but this showing means teams will take another look at him to see if they missed something during the evaluation process.
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    Failing to impress

    Three other offensive linemen also showed some concerning traits:

    Ohio State C Mike Brewster
    In addition to the subpar first-step quickness he showed in pass sets, Brewster struggled to sink his hips and change directions quickly. His below-average arm length (31½) raises even more concern about his ability to hold up in pass protection at the next level. Making matters worse, he slipped coming out of his stance when asked to pull.

    Miami OT Brandon Washington
    Washington showed on Saturday why he's a better fit at guard. He doesn't have great length (33-inch arms) or first-step quickness, and he tried to mask these weaknesses during the kick-step drill. Instead of kicking out wide and trying to cut the rusher off, he dropped almost straight back in an effort to beat the rusher to the cone.

    That works in the drill, but scouts understand his footwork would get exposed by power and/or inside moves in a game situation. Washington also struggled to bend and sink his hips when forced to slide with defenders.

    Boise State OT Nate Potter
    Potter has the arm length (34½) teams look for in their edge protectors and he showed good body control for the most part, but his foot speed looked just average when forced to change directions quickly. His athleticism and explosiveness did not stand out, either, and Potter also stumbled when asked to pull around a guard.
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    OL superlatives

    Top broad jumps
    Donald Stephenson, Oklahoma (9-6)
    Adam Gettis, Iowa (9-4)
    Tom Compton, South Dakota (9-0)
    Rishaw Johnson, California (Pa.) (9-0)
    Amini Silatolu, Midwestern St. (8-11)

    Top vertical jumps
    Stephenson (35.5)
    Desmond Wynn, Rutgers (32.5)
    Gettis (31.5)
    Johnson (31.5)
    Silatolu (31.5)

    Top 20-yard shuttles
    Johnson (4.53)
    Andrew Datko, Florida State (4.54)
    David DeCastro, Stanford (4.56)
    Senio Kelemete, Washington (4.58)
    John Cullen, Utah (4.59)

    Top 3-cone drills
    DeCastro (7.3)
    Kalil (7.33)
    Brandon Mosley, Auburn (7.43)
    Taylor Dever, Notre Dame (7.49)
    Nate Potter, Boise State (7.49)
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    TE superlatives

    Top broad jumps
    Michael Egnew, Missouri (10-11)
    Ladarius Green, La.-Lafayette (10-4)
    James Hanna, Oklahoma (10-2)
    Emil Igwenagu, Massachusetts (10-1)
    Deangelo Peterson, LSU (10-1)

    Top vertical jumps
    Egnew (36)
    Hanna (36)
    Peterson (36)
    Evan Rodriguez, Temple (36)
    Drake Dunsmore, Northwestern (35.5)

    Top 20-yard shuttles
    Dunsmore (4.03)
    Hanna (4.11)
    Rodriguez (4.28)
    Egnew (4.32)
    Dwayne Allen, Clemson (4.37)

    Top 3-cone drills
    Dunsmore (6.73)
    Hanna (6.76)
    Rodriguez (6.94)
    Egnew (7.03)
    Allen (7.12)
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    Workout warrior emerges

    Oklahoma TE James Hanna is the workout warrior of the combine so far. Hanna posted the fastest 40 time (official 4.49), tied for the best vertical (36 inches) and had the third-best broad jump (10-2) at his position. For comparison purposes, the top 40 among tight ends last year was 4.46 (Rob Housler, Cardinals) and the top vertical was 42.5 (Virgil Green, Broncos).

    Don't be fooled by the numbers, though. Hanna has never played to his potential, shows stiffness in his movements and does not play to his timed speed. Teams will now go back and take a closer look at his game tape, but don't expect Hanna to suddenly skyrocket up draft boards based on this one workout.

    In fact, Hanna's eventual draft slot (he currently carries a late-round grade) should serve as a prime example of how the evaluation process has evolved. Despite public perception, there are no Mike Mamula-like scenarios in the NFL draft these days, with players coming out of nowhere after out-of-this-world workouts. Very few teams still make the mistake of overestimating football potential based solely on workout times and measurements.
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    That's what I was thinking. He was expected to be three inches shorter than he really is?
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    INDIANAPOLIS -- ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay looks at Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and sees two great prospects.

    But the 2012 NFL draft can be broken into Luck, then everyone else, he said.

    “Not even close,” he said.

    I had a chance to ask McShay about the difference between the players expected to go first and second in the draft.

    “It’s everything, it really is everything,” he said. “It’s the size. Durability. More consistent accuracy. Better decisions top to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I love RG3, I think he’s the fourth-best player in this draft. But it’s almost like Luck, and then we start the rest of this draft."
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    Griffin III just ran unofficial 4.41 and 4.38 40s.

    If that 4.38 holds up its the fastest ever for a QB.
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    Cordy Glenn looked awesome in that edge rusher drill. DeCastro and Blake got whipped, but again, not that important for an interior guy.

    I think Glenn and DeCastro would both be great picks. Both guys are going to be able to maul dudes at the 2nd level.

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