Scouts Inc.'s Top 32 8/25/12....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Risen Star

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    1. Matt Barkley QB USC
    2. Chance Warmack G Alabama
    3. David Amerson CB North Carolina St.
    4. Barkevious Mingo DE LSU
    5. Johnathan Jenkins DT Georgia

    6. Star Lotulelei DT Utah
    7. Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
    8. Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina
    9. Manti Te'o ILB Notre Dame
    10. Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina

    11. Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech
    12. Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio St.
    13. Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina
    14. Sam Montgomery DE LSU
    15. Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia

    16. Corey Lemonier DE Auburn
    17. Brennan Williams T North Carolina
    18. Keenan Allen WR California
    19. Kenny Vaccaro S Texas
    20. Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia

    21. Marquess Wilson WR Washington St.
    22. Desmond Trufant CB Washington
    23. Shawn Williams S Georgia
    24. Landry Jones QB Oklahoma
    25. Brandon Jenkins OLB Florida St.

    26. William Gholston DE Michigan St.
    27. Bennie Logan DT LSU
    28. Dallas Thomas T Tennessee
    29. Kawann Short DT Purdue
    30. Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi St.
    31. Luke Joeckyl T Texas A&M
    32. Robert Woods WR USC
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  2. RS12

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    They think more of Warmack than they did DeCastro last year? Welp, that is going to set off eight months of debates around here. Not that they would take an interior OL that high anyway. I am totally intrigued by Logan Thomas and Lotulelei, but they will be looking pass rusher again IMO.
  3. Risen Star

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    I don't think we'll be focused on one position going into the draft. At least I hope not.

    It is odd to see two Gs in their preseason top 10. I'm hoping this class is so rich in interior OL talent that we can't help but pluck one or two for ourselves.
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  4. RS12

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    Get what you are saying but remember in the new NFL the four cornerstones are: QB= check though you always need to be looking for franchise QB.
    LT= check
    CB= we hope check
    Pass Rush= D Ware but he is on the wrong side of 30 and isnt going to be a terror forever. Everybody else question mark. Mingo and Montgomery make alot of sense.
  5. Risen Star

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    I'd just like to believe we no longer draft for need. What you say definitely factors into it, but I think when we are on the clock we're gonna be open to taking the best player regardless of position.

    It sure does look like rush LB will be a strength of this class but it's early. A lot can change by April.
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  6. Eskimo

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    I agree you draft for the player who is going to have the biggest long-term impact. However, I also believe that you shouldn't draft a guy who isn't going to get a chance to play much because of excessive depth and you sometimes can slide a player up a touch based on what the needs on your roster are projected to be in the first round - but I'm only talking about a couple of slots and only for players that have about the same grade. You can't pass a future projected All-Pro for a solid player who will immediately start at a position of need. Of course, it is the best of all worlds when you get the best player at a position of immediate need - sometimes you have to be willing to jockey around a bit to get the right player and that's where having a good GM comes into play. A guy who is willing to pay the right prices to trade up and know when it makes sense to trade down.
  7. Risen Star

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    Agreed on the positioning point. It's not just who but when you buy. Jimmy was so good at it. Jerry has been historically bad.
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  8. Muhast

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    I love seeing 4 Georgia bulldogs on the list, but Williams isn't better than Rambo.
  9. Verdict

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    I wonder if we pick late in the first round and Landry Jones is there, if we pull the trigger and develop him as Romo's potential replacement like the Packers did with Rodgers.
  10. koolaid

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    No Montee Ball in the top 32 eh? Maybe im the only one who is surprised but I think he did alright last year. (1923 Yards Rushing, 6.3 Yard Average, 33TDs)
  11. VThokie7

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    College production doesn't equate to high draft selection. If it did he would've came out last year as a Junior after putting up those numbers.
  12. calicowboy54

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    Ill take any one of these guys as my 1st or 2nd round pick.

    DT Johnathan Jenkins Georgia 6-4 363 5.16 94
    DT Star Lotulelei Utah 6-3 320 5.05 94
    DT Sylvester Williams North Carolina 6-2 320 5.00 93
    DT Johnathan Hankins* Ohio State 6-3 335 5.38 92

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