Scouts Inc. - Tape trumps combine for these prospects

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Mar 2, 2012.

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    We've heard a lot of talk in recent days about the prospects who had disappointing performances at the 2012 NFL combine, but the fact of the matter is that some of those showings won't matter much in the eyes of scouts.

    Some guys are simply better when they put the pads on than when they are testing in shorts and T-shirts, and in the end it's the game tape that counts most. With that in mind, here are five prospects whose stock won't be affected much by subpar combine performances.

    Baylor WR Kendall Wright
    Wright (5-foot-10ΒΌ, 196 pounds) entered combine week as a first-round prospect, and he remains there despite posting a disappointing time of 4.61 seconds in the 40-yard dash. Scouts are still comfortable with what Wright brings to the table, because on tape he shows good explosiveness off the line and the ability to quickly eat up a defender's cushion, the body control to drop his weight and stop on a dime, and enough speed to stretch the field.

    In looking for a recent comparison for Wright, I keep coming back to Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown, who is essentially the same size as Wright and ran a 4.57 coming out of Central Michigan in 2010. Brown has become a solid deep threat for the Steelers, and Wright could be the same for the team the drafts him. Those likely to be interested in the first round include the Chicago Bears (No. 19 overall), Cleveland Browns (No. 22), Houston Texans (No. 26), San Francisco 49ers (No. 30) and New England Patriots.
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    The other players listed were - Michael Brockers, Courtney Upshaw, Vinny Curry and Janzen Jackson.
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    can you copy and paste what was said about brockers.
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    I don't think that would be against the rules here, since there's still a lot more info to read.

    LSU DT Michael Brockers
    Brockers had a poor showing in pretty much every area: 5.36 in the 40; 26.5-inch vertical jump; 8-foot-1 broad jump; 4.81 short shuttle; 7.46 three-cone drill. However, Brockers has impressive natural core strength and power -- as opposed to weight-room strength -- and the tape of his regular-season performance against Alabama is one of the most dominant I saw from a 2012 prospect. The Crimson Tide simply had no answer for him inside.

    In this draft, Brockers (6-5, 322) is the most stout defensive tackle at the point of attack. He displays the ability to use his hands to disengage from blocks and fall back into plays, while showing the versatility to play the 3-technique (DT) in a 4-3 scheme or the 5-technique (DE) in a 3-4. His tape is more consistent than the likes of Dontari Poe (Memphis), Jerel Worthy (Michigan State) and Devon Still (Penn State); based on that, Brockers clearly belongs in the first round. The Carolina Panthers could show interest at No. 9 overall, and if Brockers falls a bit, the Denver Broncos could get a steal at No. 25.
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    The tape certainly is better than the combine for Courtney Upshaw. He's quite simply a beast on the field.

    That entire defense was head and shoulders better than the competition in college football, though.
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    As much as I dislike Brockers, I will give him this. He is truly the most stout guy on DL in this draft. He's virtually immovable without a double-team. He won't offer you much as a pass-rusher. But, you won't blow him off the LOS. He's virtually identical to Spears. If our 3-4 is truly designed for DEs to hold their position at the LOS, in order for the LBs to make plays, then Brockers' the man for us :puke:. We'd be getting a Spears clone, which would prevent most teams from being able to run on us. However, we'd put ALL the pressure on our LBs :puke: to make plays and provide the pass-rush. If Dallas feels they can really position Spencer to be a true pass-rush/playmaking threat, or upgrade the LB position with pass rushers and play-makers (Nick Perry, Bruce Irvin, ...) later in the draft, then I'd be for getting Brockers. :eek: :puke:
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    I don't want Brockers for our pick, but I also don't think "he's just another Spears." However, just the thought of adding another Spears-type of player to the d-line for the next 10 years made me chuckle.
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    Brockers is no way a mid 1st rd player. Just no way. He has no pass rush. He is not a threat like Poe to be able to swallow two blockers and still get a push or be disruptive in the middle. And when you throw in his putrid combine, anyone using a first on him is just plain stupid.
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    The only scary thing is the word 'potential'. There will be a team that takes him in the first round on this word alone.
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    We need a NT as well to keep Lee and Carter free to make plays. That's going to be crucial going forward as those two players could be the strength of this defense.
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    Brockers is a beast and the tape wasn't unkind to him which is what the post was about. He is a Texan who has been 290 plus since he was 17.

    Now he's settling in around 325 with solid athleticism.

    He is Spears... plus 25 pounds of weight. That's simply a different type of player.

    But it really doesnt matter for the Boys as he won't be there at 14. He is going to be very coveted.

    Our only shot at a guy like this would be Poe who is even bigger but has lesser tape.
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    And for a couple of the others included:

    Alabama DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw
    Based on film study, we knew coming into the combine that Upshaw is not a great athlete, and he confirmed that by looking tight in drills, struggling to open his hips and change directions, and generally not looking smooth in space. However, he's not going to be asked to do those things in the NFL.
    At 6-1⅝ and 272 pounds, Upshaw will set the edge against the run with natural leverage, good strength and plenty of smarts and toughness. He'll spot drop on occasion but won't be asked to match up in man coverage, and while he doesn't have elite quickness, his natural leverage and finishing power give him some pass-rush ability. Those qualities show up repeatedly on tape, and you can bet the Patriots, Miami Dolphins (No. 8), Arizona Cardinals (No. 13) and Baltimore Ravens (No. 29) have all taken notice.

    Marshall DE Vinny Curry
    Curry (6-3⅛, 266) didn't time well (4.98 40, 4.4 short shuttle, 6.9 three-cone), but he's like Upshaw in that his tape already shows he's not a great athlete. Curry is also tight in space, but he's a solid overall player who wins with strength, power and his motor. His first step is not elite, but he has enough explosiveness to set up speed-to-power moves; he uses his hands well and can set the edge as a run defender. He also flashes the ability to penetrate and get after the passer, and his leadership and character are unquestioned.
    Curry reminds me of Jarret Johnson (fourth round, 2003), who has become a valued contributor for the Ravens, and Curry could be a good pickup in the second or third round. The 34th overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts might be a little rich, but with new head coach Chuck Pagano bringing a new defensive philosophy to Indy, there could be some interest early in the third from the Colts. Otherwise, expect the New York Jets (No. 48) and the Ravens (No. 52) to have Curry on their radar.
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    Solid athletes don't deserve First Rd picks

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