Scouts Inc top 32 12/17/2010

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    Scouts Inc.'s Top 32
    Scouts Inc.
    The top of the draft board is pretty static at this point, but there is movement further down. Akeem Ayers is back in the top 15, and Gabbert has gone from unranked to the top 20; also Gabe Carimi is up six spots this week, and Locker has jumped nine spots. Brandon Harris is also back in the top 32 after falling out earlier this season.

    Scouts Inc.'s Top 32 Prospects
    Player Position School Height Weight Grade
    1. Andrew Luck* QB Stanford 6-4 235 98
    2. Da'Quan Bowers* DE Clemson 6-4 280 97
    3. Nick Fairley DT Auburn 6-4½ 288 97
    4. Patrick Peterson* CB LSU 6-1 211 97
    5. A.J. Green* WR Georgia 6-4 208 97
    6. Robert Quinn* DE North Carolina 6-4⅝ 254 96
    7. Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska 6-0 203 96
    8. Marcell Dareus* DT Alabama 6-2⅝ 303 96
    9. Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa 6-3 285 95
    10. Stephen Paea DT Oregon State 6-1 304 95
    11. Janoris Jenkins* CB Florida 5-11⅛ 189 95
    12. Von Miller OLB Texas A&M 6-3 238 95
    13. Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue 6-4 259 94
    14. Nate Solder OT Colorado 6-8 300 94
    15. Akeem Ayers* OLB UCLA 6-3¾ 249 93
    16. Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 6-6¾ 318 93
    17. Julio Jones WR Alabama 6-4 211 93
    18. Cameron Jordan DE California 6-4 280 93
    19. Mike Pouncey C Florida 6-5 309 93
    20. Blaine Gabbert* QB Missouri 6-5 240 93
    21. Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College 6-7 295 92
    22. Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State 6-5 278 92
    23. Jake Locker QB Washington 6-2½ 229 92
    24. Mark Ingram* RB Alabama 5-10 215 92
    25. Justin Blackmon* WR Okla. State 6-1 207 92
    26. Tyron Smith* OT USC 6-5 291 91
    27. Allen Bailey DE Miami 6-3½ 287 91
    28. Drake Nevis DT LSU 6-0½ 289 91
    29. Cam Newton* QB Auburn 6-5½ 248 90
    30. Corey Liuget* DT Illinois 6-3 300 90
    31. Ryan Mallett* QB Arkansas 6-6¾ 238 90
    32. Brandon Harris* CB Miami (FL) 5-10½ 193 90
    * denotes draft-eligible underclassmen
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    16. Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 6-6¾ 318
    32. Brandon Harris* CB Miami (FL) 5-10½ 193
    26. Tyron Smith* OT USC 6-5 291
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    CN: Where is the value at the 9-10 spot, Cameron Jordan aside? Defensive end, cornerback, offensive tackle?

    WB: Maybe Tyron Smith. Maybe Derrick Sherrod. They're the maybes there, especially Sherrod. The elite, the blue-chippers, those are the guys you want to invest in if you get that high. They give you the best bang for the buck.

    CN: I've been asked for more detail on Smith. A couple of readers have pointed out that you have him rated higher than other draft sites and wonder why you're so optimistic?

    WB: With a guy like Smith, an underclassmen who's a bit undersized because he's 20, I imagine people have just not had a chance to see him that much. Compared to senior offensive tackles, it's like night and day. He's not giving guys a peek at his quarterback. From an athletic standpoint, he's just better. He's really fluid. I'm getting the coaches tape of Smith vs.
    Cam Jordan, when USC played Cal and I'm really looking forward to that.
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    They have Smith at 291. Which is a whole lot different from the 280 I have seen elsewhere. I agree that at his young age despite being lean he can possibly add 20. Now 311 is a realistic weight for a LT. Barely 300 is very light for an NFL LT.
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    I think drafting a 20 year old LT with his kind of upside would be a pretty darn brilliant on our part, as long as he checks out work ethic wise.

    But to be honest, it doesn't sound like the type of thing we'd do.
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    Trade up to number 3 to get Fairley
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    If Fairley can give us Seymour type play then he is definitly worth it.
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    Seems like a lot of people arent having a tough time finding OL to get into
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    They don't even have Derek Sherrod rated. He played two of his very best games against Auburn and Alabama.


    I will be watching Tyron Smith, too.

    Do they have something against Mississippi State?

    I bet if Sherrod was at Michigan or Ohio State that he'd be in that top 20. This guy is extremely athletic, and I can't believe that he's not in their top 32. That is ridiculous.

    I don't think Dallas needs to draft a CB in round 1, but I like Janoris Jenkins better than Prince Amukamara. Jenkins is fast, and you can't teach speed.

    If Marcel Dareus plays RDE for Alabama; he got completely stoned by Sherrod. Who ever was over there, was blocked easily by Sherrod. I think it was 57. Can someone confirm this? Wasn't that Dareus, because I thought it was him.

    There is Pouncy at 18.
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    Sherrod was on mid-season All-American teams. They played Auburn and LSU early. He was SEC offensive linemen of the week against Georgia, and I think that he won that award 4 times.

    Demarcus Love, from Arkansas, has a shot to go in round 1.

    Where is the respect for the two SEC offensive tackles?

    Sherrod may need to use his power a little better and develop it more, but you can't teach his athletic ability.

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