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    Free Agency

    Laurent Robinson | WR
    Had Romo's trust more then any other WR. Dallas will have to pay.

    Anthony Spencer | OLB
    Not the sack artist we wanted but the staff loves him and his role is to often drop into coverage. Another victim of poor DB play as Rob Ryan could not dial up many of the packages he wanted.

    Tony Fiametta | FB
    Plain and simple the running game improved when he was on the field

    Clifton Geathers | DE
    Developmental project that is really coming along and the Cowboys like. Will be brought back.

    Jeremy Parnell | OT
    Cowboys love his versatility and athletic ability. Will likely win the swing OT position in camp.

    Terrence Newman | CB
    He is done, the struggles are well documented. His money will be put to good use.

    Kyle Kosier | OG
    Sad to see him go, under rated OL but age and injury have caught up

    David Buehler | K
    It's finally time Jerry and Jason get over their man crush, we need the roster room

    Kenyon Coleman | DE
    Thanks for coming back for a tour, never delivered.

    Ben Grubbs | OG | Baltimore (27)
    Option B to Carl Nicks, 1 year older and cheaper yet just as productive.

    Tyvon Branch | SS | Oakland (25)
    Not a name being tossed around alot but he's young and upcoming. Cowboys need someone who can call out coverages, Branch has excelled in that roll at Oakland. Great in the box Safety who can match up with TE's. Not going to pick off a lot of balls but will open up possibilities for Rob.

    D'Qwell Jackson | ILB | Cleveland (28)
    He won't be cheap but Jerry says he will spend his money and Jackson is one of the most under rated ILB's in the game. Rob has expressed how much he admires his play and with two staff members from the Browns who Jackson has stated he has admiration for perhaps it's a reunion in the making. Also give Bruce Carter another year to get his feet under him.

    Shaun Hill | QB | SF (32)
    Kitna is done, Cowboys need a vet QB. Hill has proven he can handle it short term.

    Other Roster Moves:
    Doug Free Moves from LT to RT
    Jay Ratliff Moves from DT to DE

    RD 1 #14:

    Janoris Jenkins | CB | North Alabama


    His troubles are well documented and the interview that never happened at the Senior Bowl was not by mistake. The Cowboys have their eye's on CB's and I would not be surprised to see 2 come out of this class. DeCastro remains my favorite pick at 14 but there is reason to believe he won't get past the Panthers.

    RD 2 #45:
    Kelechi Osemele | OG | Iowa St


    Tenacity and attitude along with the skills to be a staple along the OL is exactly what needs injected into this OL and it's exactly what Kelechi brings. Don't let the fact that his name is not mentioned along with DeCastro and Glenn fool ya. He is every bit as ready to make a difference.

    RD 3 #83
    Jayron Hosley | CB | Virginia Tech


    The 2nd shot at CB come sin Round 3 and while some will have issues with Dallas taking two CB's so early it seems not only Rob Ryan see's the issue needs fixed once and for all so does Jerry and Jason. Hosley can not only start at CB but fills a need in the return game.

    RD 4 #114
    Bruce Irvin | OLB | West Virginia


    For one reason or another Irvin's stock has taken a hit over the last few weeks but the fact remains he can get after the QB and the Cowboys need depth.

    RD 5 #145
    Akiem Hicks | NT | Regina


    One of the most athletic big guys in the draft and could be used a lot like Ryan used Shaun Rogers in Cleveland minus the bad attitude and tendency to get lazy.

    RD 6 #176
    Chase Ford | TE | Miami(FL)


    It's a weak TE class and Ford may be picked higher then he warrants but he is one of the most atheltic and under rated TE's in this class. Bennett has seen his last days in Dallas and the Cowboys love to draft TE's but will they wait this long to grab one? Don't blink, he looks like a young Jason Witten on the field.

    RD 6 #Comp
    Devon Wylie | WR | Fresno St


    Yes my desire for a "Wes Welker" has reached an all time high and Fresno St is about to to produce another one. Outside of size, precise route running, big play ability, sure hands and return ability the only difference here is......well there is none. Expect this pick to stay a staple in my mock.

    RD 7 #207
    Foswhitt Whittaker | RB/KR/PR | Texas


    What do you look for in a 7th round pick? Someone who can contribute in any aspect and make your team better. Whittaker who is an excellent returner, a willing coverage guy, has good hands, a leader, a locker room favorite, coaches dream and under rated back fits that mold.

    Lineup Outlook:

    OFFENSE: 24
    QB: Tony Romo, Shaun Hill(FA), Stephen McGee
    RB: Demarco Murray, Felix Jones, Foswhitt Whittaker(R)
    FB: Tony Fiametta
    WR: Laurent Robinson, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Andre Holmes, Devon Wylie(R)
    TE: Jason Witten, John Phillips, Chase Ford(R)
    OT: Tyron Smith, Doug Free, Jermey Parnell
    OG: Benn Grubbs(FA), Kelechi Osemele(R), David Arkin, Bill Nagy
    OC: Kevin Kowalski, Phil Costa

    DEFENSE: 26
    DE: Jay Ratliff, Marcus Spears, Clifton Geathers, Sean Lissemore, Jason Hatcher
    NT: Akiem Hicks(R), Josh Brent
    OLB: Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Bruce Irvin(R), Victor Butler, Alex Albright
    ILB: Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, D'Qwell Jackson(FA), Orie Lemon
    CB: Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, Janoris Jenkins(R), Jayron Hosley(R), Mario Butler
    FS: Gerald Sensabaugh, Mana Silva, Danny McCray
    SS: Tyvon Branch, Barry Church

    ST: 3
    K: Dan Bailey
    P: Chris Jones
    H: Shaun Hill

    KR: Devon Wylie, Jayron Hosley, Felix Jones
    PR: Devon Wylie, Dez Bryant

    LS: L.P. Ladouceur
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    I like it a lot. You really put a lot of work into this.

    But do you really think Jenkins is still on the Cowboys draft board?

    I'm hoping we get a veteran CB in FA.

    Also, I'd love to somehow address Center either in the Draft or FA.

    Maybe we get a veteran CB in FA, trade down from 14 and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd, and take an OC with that extra pick?
  3. robert70x7

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    This is the only problem I have with this. When was the last time Sensabaugh played free safety? I'd rather find someone in free agency like Michael Griffen, Craig Steltz, Mike Adams or Jim Leonhard.

    Although your free agency list is realistic and I like that you are bringing Spencer back.

    I would also rather have Cody Johnson instead of Fozzy. We need a goal-line back on top of other things. With Grubbs and Osemele, put a bruiser back there and we'd go from 5 rushing touchdowns to 15 thanks to the flexibility to run within the five yard line like 90% of the NFL teams do.
  4. Zaxor

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    That has to be the most well thought out and resonable draft to date...

    well done sir :bow:
  5. SDogo

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    I do, matter of fact I think he is not only on the draft board but high on the draft board. The "missed" interview was not due to lack of interest on the Cowboys part but I'm told a planned "poker" move.

    I want to add a Vet CB to my list and I think Finnegan is a name that most don't like but fits here for several reasons.

    I too want a center and really want Blake from Baylor but I get the feeling we are stuck with Costa or Kowalski for another year. OG is a forced upgrade with the age and injury to Kosier and just lack of a quality body at the other spot. It's hard to imagine upgrading 3 spots all in one off season.
  6. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    According to Rob it's a fluid position in his defense when talking about SS and FS. To be honest I don't know the dynamics of it, just what he is saying. I do love the idea of Griffen.

    I also like Johnson and he was an option for me I just felt the Cowboys needed a multi role type player back there.
  7. GloryDaysRBack

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    I like Jenkins..I'm cool w that pick if our FO likes him..

    Hosley-everyone seems to think he's purely a cover 2 corner..tremendous ballhawk though. I'll keep an eye on his 40 time

    Irvin in the 4th is a stretch..stretch in the sense that he won't be there
  8. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Thank you sir!;)
  9. Woods

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    Very interesting.

    You clearly know the situation with Jenkins better than I do.

    Is it basically he's a good guy but just made some bad mistakes due to age/inexperience?
  10. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    It's more of the way he has taken responsibility for it. I'm told his interviews are impressive and he has showed the maturity teams hoped to see.
  11. casmith07

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    Hosley's 40-time isn't going to blow your socks off, but that's probably a good thing if SDogo's projecting him in the 3rd round. He's definitely more than a cover 2 guy, too. I'm not sure where that talk is coming from.
  12. casmith07

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    If he's turned the corner, and we add an OG through free agency, then I have no problems passing on DeCastro even if he is at 14 and selecting Jenkins.

    I don't think Scandrick lasts at #2 on the depth chart with the guys you have us picking in the draft, either. A combo of Janoris-Hosley might even make Mike Jenkins expendable in free agency next year.
  13. robert70x7

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    That makes sense. I do like Tyvon Branch. He's very athletic. With an outfield of Sensabaugh and Branch, you'd have a safety who has a vertical of 46 inches and another with a 4.31 40 yard dash.
  14. MichaelWinicki

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    Like others have said, maybe the most well thought-out offseason plan I've seen.

    I agree on Grubbs. I think the Cowboys have a better chance with him or the kid from Philly.
  15. casmith07

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    That vertical leap is ridiculous! :eek:
  16. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    I don't believe Irvin will be there either but for some reason I have been told that's where he has been projecting on many teams boards and that his stock has taken a hit. I guess teams are concerned about his ability to drop into coverage.
  17. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Jenkins would push back Scandrick and take over #2. I think Hosley will take a year to push for a starting position but like you said, it gives some flexibility as far as Jenkins is concerned. This is really a make or break year for him in Dallas.
  18. Sitting Bull

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    I really like the plan, particularly the emphasis on CB, if we cut ties with Newman.

    I follow the Montana Grizzlies and am very high on CB Trumaine Johnson. Small-school shut-down playmaker with just a little dirt on him that isn't as bad as it appears. He's got NFL measurables and I'm looking forward to the combine. Any news on where he's slotting?
  19. tm1119

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    You would really trust Hicks/Brent as our sole NT's. I would have to bring in a vet like Franklin from NO.
  20. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    I'm assuming your talking about Evan Mathis and he's name no one is talking about but should. He actually rates out higher then Grubbs and Nicks this past season but is older then both (30) which is both good and bad. He will probably come a little cheaper then the other two but won't be around as long. I actually prefer him to Nicks for the simple fact he wont break the bank and give the Cowboys some flexibility in FA.

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