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    Free Agency

    Laurent Robinson | WR
    The interest is there for both sides and rumor has it Robinson will take a discount. Romo has already voiced his desire to Cowboys brass and it's makes too much sense not to bring him back.

    Anthony Spencer | OLB
    Hit with the Franchise Tag the Cowboys secured his services for at least another year. An upgrade would be welcome but options are limited.

    Tony Fiametta | FB
    Plain and simple the running game improved when he was on the field

    Jeremy Parnell | OT
    Cowboys love his versatility and athletic ability. Will likely win the swing OT position in camp.

    Keith Brooking | ILB
    Bottom line is the Cowboys love the guy, they want him back and he wants to be back. There is zero depth outside of Sean Lee and it can't all be filled in one off season with new faces. I fully expect him to be back in a very limited roll.

    Abram Elam | S
    Sorry guys, it's looking more and more likely that Elam will be given a 2nd year in Dallas. They simply can't fill all the holes on defense with out having some players like Elam assist.

    Terrence Newman | CB
    He is done, the struggles are well documented. His money will be put to good use.

    Kyle Kosier | OG
    Sad to see him go, under rated OL but age and injury have caught up. Still small chance Dallas reaches out and lets him fight for a job.

    David Buehler | K
    It's finally time Jerry and Jason get over their man crush, we need the roster room

    Kenyon Coleman | DE
    Thanks for coming back for a tour, never delivered.

    Brandon Carr | CB | Kansas City (26)
    Might not be a worst kept secret in the NFL then the Cowboys interest in Carr. He will demand good money and that's what I expect the Cowboys to offer him. One of the better young CB's in the game.

    Evan Mathis | OG | Philadelphia (30)
    Not a name being tossed around alot but he's one of the best OG's in the NFL. A little up there in age but 30 is not old for a offensive lineman. Price tag will be significantly less then Grubbs or Nicks and gives Dallas some flexibility with out being tied into a huge contract for a long period of time and allows them to develop some younger talent.

    Drew Stanton | QB | Detroit (27)
    A player the Cowboys really liked coming out and has some quality NFL starts under his belt. Stanton is still young enough Dallas can flirt with departing with McGee and bring in a younger option to develop in the 3rd roll.

    Mario Williams | DE | Houston
    I still have problems believing it no matter how many people verify it. I'm not sure how they would pull it off but it seems they are going to try. Not sure I agree with the move but eventually here I have to consider it.

    Other Roster Moves:
    Doug Free Moves from LT to RT

    RD 1 #20 (TRADE):
    Whitney Mercilus | OLB | Illinois


    Mercilus will be given a year to get used to the speed of the NFL then give Dallas the freedom and excuse to let Spencer pack his belongings. Recently has put up some great numbers in workouts and shown the mobility some questioned. While there are still concerns he seems to be shooting up the boards. The only question now is how far.

    RD 2 #42:
    Coby Fleener | TE | Stanford


    Did you seriously just cuss me out and throw your mouse? I know people, we are sick of drafting and discussing TE's but I'm told get ready for it, one will be taken early by Dallas. It's a poor TE class but Coby IMO is the best of the bunch (Cue the Allen crew). With Bennett leaving, Witten getting up their in age and Phillips.......yeah remember him, it's now a need and not a luxury. Coby is a great athlete and provides a huge target in the red zone. He also has the ability to make big plays. After watching Gonzalez and Gronk in NE I can't say I hate the pick.

    RD 3 #73:
    Jayron Hosley | CB | Virginia Tech


    The Cowboys finally address the DB's in Round 3. The signing of Carr in FA allowed this flexability but I don't suspect we will see less then 3 new faces at CB this year meaning the hording of CB's in this draft is not yet done. Hosley can not only start at CB but fills a need in the return game.

    RD 3 #83 (Via Tenn):
    Brandon Brooks | OG | Miami (OH)


    OK, the elephant in the room has been acknowledged. The Cowboys finally addressed the OL. Brooks put on a show at his Pro Day and held his own at the East/West game. The Cowboys were in attendance and at-tentative for both.

    RD 4 #113:
    Philip Blake | OC | Baylor


    Two rounds in a row Dallas adds to the OL and with out the first round trade I don't see this option as likely. Yes he will be 27 this season but teams love his experience and has many of the same traits as last years 1st round pick Danny Watkins who almost a year older. The Cowboys have now tried for 4 years to land their top center just to have them snatched in front of them. I believe this will be the year the land the prize.

    RD 5 #144:
    Devon Wylie | WR | Fresno St


    Yup, he's still here in my mock and my desire for a "Wes Welker" has reached an all time high. Outside of size, precise route running, big play ability, sure hands and return ability the only difference here is......well there is none. Expect this pick to stay a staple in my mock. Did you see his workout........good grief.

    RD 5 #147 (Via Tenn):
    Jerry Franklin | ILB | Arkansas


    A little undersized and labeled with dreaded "Specialty" player the bottom line is Dallas needs ILB depth and Franklin can be used in a number of ways. This is the type of player Ryan likes and Dallas needs.

    RD 6 #175:
    Asa Jackson | CB | Cal Poly


    The 3rd new face to the CB roster for Dallas. Jackson has put together an impressive drive up the draft boards and the Cowboys were there the whole way. Getting a rep as one of the best of the 2nd tier level of CB's in this draft. Oh yeah when he gets his hands on the ball he takes it to the house. Both picks last seasons went all the way and was one of the nations best punt returners.

    RD 6 #Comp:
    Tank Carder | OLB | TCU


    Carder is quietly putting together an impressive draft prep run but maybe not so quietly as far as the Cowboys are concerned. Every given opportunity to check out and chat with Carder the Cowboys have been front and present. Seems a lot of LB's have been chosen in the draft but look at our depth. It's not that impressive.

    RD 7 #205:
    Drew Butler | P | Georgia


    I know, I know, I did not do it just to piss you guys off. McBriar will likely not be back and while it seems the Cowboys are ready to hand the job to Jones the truth is, they are not and want an option. What better option then spending a 7th on the Ray Guy Award winner and letting him battle for it. He kind of also looks like someone we know well in Dallas that kicks footballs for a living.:D

    Sean Baker | FS | Ball State


    Ball Hawk (6 INT's) and tackling machine. Great special teams contributor and can challenge for playing time. Great in run support and all MAC 1st team.

    Lineup Outlook:

    OFFENSE: 24
    QB: Tony Romo, Drew Stanton(FA), Stephen McGee
    RB: Demarco Murray, Felix Jones, Lonyae Miller
    FB: Tony Fiametta
    WR: Laurent Robinson, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Andre Holmes, Devon Wylie(R)
    TE: Jason Witten, John Phillips, Coby Fleener(R)
    OT: Tyron Smith, Doug Free, Jermey Parnell
    OG: Evan Mathis(FA), Brandon Brooks(R), David Arkin, Bill Nagy
    OC: Philip Blake(R), Phil Costa

    DEFENSE: 26
    DE: Marcus Spears, Mario Williams(FA), Sean Lissemore, Jason Hatcher
    NT: Jay Ratliff, Josh Brent
    OLB: Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Whitney Mercilus(R), Victor Butler, Tank Carder
    ILB: Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Keith Brooking, Jerry Franklin(R)
    CB: Brandon Carr(FA), Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, Jayron Hosley(R), Asa Jackson(R)
    FS: Gerald Sensabaugh, Sean Baker(R), Danny McCray
    SS: Abram Elam, Barry Church

    ST: 3
    K: Dan Bailey
    P: Drew Butler(R)
    H: Drew Butler(R)

    KR: Devon Wylie, Jayron Hosley, Felix Jones
    PR: Devon Wylie, Asa Jackson

    LS: L.P. Ladouceur
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    So you have us with both Spencer and Williams?, I like it but I can't see it happening. I heard Jacksonville and Washington are looking at FA WR's, hope they stay away from Robinson. Love your draft!.
  3. SDogo

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    Yeah honestly, that's the way I'm told it would play out. I'm with you, I don't see how it can happen but they look at Williams as a DE hybrid and not strictly a 3-4 OLB.

    I admit, it will take some innovative packages from Ryan to justify this.

    I wanted to take Spencer out, it's the only way I can justify it but my people say it can happen.

    To me, they sign Williams, cut Spencer. End of story.
  4. Bluestang

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    Did you not read what he said there, Robinson would take the discount to stay here. Robinson of all people knows just what is being offered here - he did have quite a few stops to compare teams before he got here.
  5. AmishCowboy

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    Also, I see you have us trading down, is this something your sources have told you we are thinking about?
  6. SDogo

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    It's something that I'm hearing more about for sure. It's not typical for me to project trades and I hate doing it so you can imagine it took some convincing for me to waste my time on it in a mock.
  7. Bluestang

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    SDogo is your source pretty concrete on the Evan Mathis signing? If so that is a very underrated signing, he was the key to the Eagles running game.
  8. AmishCowboy

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    Yes, but money talks and he could be a starter on both of those teams.
  9. dasander

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    Thanks! I've been checking for your mock all day. Overall I think it's a great mock, the Cowboys get a lot of value from who you have them picking in each round, and I wouldn't mind if that's what the actual draft looks like.

    I remember you did mention the inside linebacker from Nevada, James-Michael Johnson as a player the Cowboys were interested in. What round is he slotted to go in and were you not able to fit him in your mock? I do hope the Cowboys address depth at linebacker. Is Tank Carder an inside or an outside linebacker in the Cowboy's scheme?
  10. Bluestang

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    One more thing SDogo...what is the Cowboys plan B or C on Jenkins? That shoulder surgery is a major deal and if doesn't go right he could be done. If it does goes right will he be 100% in training camp?
  11. Bluestang

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    He can be a starter here too, as a matter of fact he was because of injuries. In today's NFL you need 3 starting caliber WRs, not two. Just look at the Packers & Giants.
  12. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    There is some debate n the value of Grubbs and Nicks and how it eliminates how they can approach some other things so the talk about the 2nd level of FA OG's has heated up. Mathis is one name gaining some steam as well as Jake Scott.
  13. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    I actually debated adding Johnson several times. Right now it looks as if he fall in the 5th round. I have some concerns that he is a one dimensional player and basically that's why I left him out.

    I think Tank can line up at OLB or ILB in the Cowboys scheme. Personally I see him as an option at ILB long term.
  14. Bluestang

    Bluestang Well-Known Member

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    If the price is right then by all means, but going all in for one guy will limit what else we can do. Mathis is a good signing if we can pull it off.
  15. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    His rehab is going well but as I expressed several times, they do have some concern. I think we will see Dallas put a lot of emphasis on the CB this off season. Not only to protect themselves against Jenkins going down but against a contract issue next year if he does bounce back. I only included the signing of Carr but I can really see two vet CB's being brought in.
  16. johnnyd

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    This would be a awesome offseason

    I can't see Fleener lasting till pick 42 (think the giants will pounce on him at 32 ) But i would love to get him .

    thanks man
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Well thought out...

    Love the Mathis signing.

    Strengthens the Cowboy interior a lot and weakens the Eagles at the same time. Win-win.
  18. Bluestang

    Bluestang Well-Known Member

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    Any ideas on the second vet they bring in? Jenkins is a big question mark and if we do nothing we will be in the same boat next year having to find another CB to play the outside.
  19. realtick

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    I would be a pretty happy guy with that draft haul, although I might prefer a guy like Boykin over Hosley.

    Gimmie a DL over Asa Jackson and I'm sleeping well tonight.

    Oh BTW, I'd be completely fine with Fleener; the kid has a ton of ability and be developed into Witten's heir apparent.
  20. SDogo

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    Name I'm hearing a lot is Tim Jennings. Seems there may be some interest there.

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