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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 1, 2012.

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    I'm talking about someone who can read and react to the ball. Not just interceptions but pass break ups as well. Whether that is covering the box, or going deep. Now, i don't expect him to be a CB ball hawk by any standard. That is why he isn't a CB. But hopefully he can come in and be a quarter back for our defense.
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    because he isn't a first round talent
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    Barron is a legit first round talent.

    That just your opinion of him? Scouts disagree.
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    then scouts are dumb. the guy is not even close to first round quality. first, polamalu is the only SS worth a 1st round pick, second this is just like carpenter he is a guy that looks better because of the players around him, he benefits from the best front 7 in CF and corners with ability like kirkpatrick. Does he have some talent and ability? yes. does he have a place on an NFL roster? yes but not in the first round. he also benefits from a weak safety class
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    SDogo put Gilmore in there as an option!!!!!
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    Not thrilled if Barron is our pick, although more palatable if pick 20.

    You usually dont draft safeties in the top 15 unless they are going to be special and I dont think Barron is going to be that type of player. Now that is not saying he is a bad player, in fact, he would be the best safety on the roster.

    I just look at Romo getting killed play after play after play and our inability to run the football, especially in the red zone as seen by our amazing 4 rushing TDs last season, and think we need safety over an offensive lineman like DeCastro.

    I know I am not a scout, but it just seems dumb to address safety over offensive line. Maybe thats just me.
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    in the 2nd round ?

    Stop teasing.. it ain't fair to my heart..
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    Love the Jamell Flemming pick, I just don't see him falling to the 4th.

    If we draft LaMichael James, then I would like to see Dallas to trade Felix and Jenkins and get a extra 2nd or early 3rd and use the pick on a CB.
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    So, if you take Adcock off the list, that leaves room for someone like, say, Kowalski. The Cowboys tend to keep 3 T's, and 6-7 interior guys. And we know how they like versatility. I also don't see us keeping Coleman (or at least I sure hope we don't). That's not to suggest that they would thus keep Costa, but it would open another spot for someone else.

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