Sean Lee officially put on IR

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Nation, Jul 1, 2014.

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    I'm guessing that they've reached the date where players can be put on the PUP. I thought that at the PUP date, that players could either be put on PUP or IR.

    This is how I thought the IR/PUP timeline worked:

    Before PUP date: Players must pass through waivers before being put on IR.

    At the PUP date: Any injured player can be put on either the PUP or IR without passing through waivers.

    After the PUP date: Once a player takes 1 snap in practice they are ineligible for the PUP and must pass through waivers if moved to IR.

    Cut-down day: Any injured players can be put on IR without passing through waivers.
  2. LatinMind

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    I just used common sense and stated that Lee would be on IR. For that i was told by alot of posters i had no sense of football or medical field because there have been so many advances in mordern medicine that Lee would be able to come back at the end of the yr. No superpowers needed to see that this team would go this route with Lee. Only reason they didnt do it before is because they couldnt.
  3. SilverStarCowboy

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    Well there ya go.
  4. Fredd

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    I think a lot of people wanted to hope he could come back and help the team this year...but, it would have made me really nervous to get back in there....I am kinda glad that he can't try to come back early and aggravate things...he can focus on his coaching skills since he will likely need, just find a replacement or two
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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  6. Carolina Cowboy

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    How many years did they put him on IR? ;)
  7. AsthmaField

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    Well, they were wrong... and if they actually thought that the odds were overwhelmingly in favor of Lee playing at the end of 2014, then they lack an understanding of that injury.
  8. AbeBeta

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    I believe you can do this before TC starts. Once TC starts you cannot IR anyone until the final cutdown unless they pass through waivers. This means teams don't need to burn a spot on the TC roster on someone who has no chance of playing or participating in camp.
  9. noshame

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    Glad he's on IR and can fully rehab. Next year is the last chance saloon.
  10. xwalker

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    Yes, it's tricky because you can't put them on IR before this time or after TC starts without exposing them to waivers.

    The Giants tried to move a TE to IR in May a couple of years ago and the Patriots claimed him. The Giants cried that there was an unwritten rule that teams would claim injured players, but Belichick blank-you to them.

    The other example is when the Cowboys tried to move Nagy to IR during training camp. He was claimed by Detroit.
  11. AbeBeta

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    I'd love to get some more clarity on this rule. Obviously this is closer to the Ballard situation but not exactly as the TE had an injury from the previous season whereas Lee got hurt in minicamp. The Nagy piece is clear - he was on the 90 man roster to start TC.

    Be interesting to find out (BTW -- I searched the internet on this and pretty much all I got that was relevant was ... this thread)
  12. EST_1986

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    Amazing prediction nostradamus
  13. GloryDaysRBack

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    What's this guys contact status? obviously he just signed ... But when can we let him go? Not saying we should or would. Just curious.

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