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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I use my two eyeballs and my noggin.
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    i agree.
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    +1 and this isnt revisionist history for me, i was so happy when our second round pick came around and warford was still on the board, then the "wait whaaaa.... who?"
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    We have a great pair of tackles. Smith has emerged as an above average OT and will probably reach elite level in a few years. Long career ahead of him. Free is playing at an elite level this year and isn't as old as people make him out to be. He still has lots of gas in the tank.

    We have a great young center. Already borderline top 10 and will probably become an elite OC in the next few years. Imagine in 3-4 years us having the best LT and OC in the game. The future is bright. Too bad it didn't happen til Romo was 33.

    We have a solid pair of guards. Leary is practically a rookie and is playing okay. He's an average OG in this league in only his first year starting. Hopefully he can stay healthy and improve to an above average player. I doubt he'll ever become elite but you can't have 5 All Pros on the O-line. Waters is a HOFer and is still playing at a high level. But we can't depend on him to play forever. We need to sign or draft a young replacement soon.

    All in all, we're gonna have an elite LT and OC for the next 10-15 years. Hopefully Free has 5-6 more solid years left in the tank. Guard is the only real issue. Leary is playing okay but nothing special. He definitely isn't a liability. Also, he has his knee thing. Waters is great but is old. Gonna need to replace one, maybe both, guard spots soon. Other than that, line looks great.
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    I know that PFF doesn't do this, but it'd be nice to see the tackles rankings broken down further to listed left tackles and right tackles separately. LT's generally face the stiffer passrushing challenges on a weekly basis. It's not completely comparing apples and oranges, but it'd be cool to know anyway. I'd be curious where Smith ranks among left tackles.
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    Well use that noggin and give us some criteria for your contrary opinion.
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    If its a legit ranking (questionable) its very disappointing. He was a premium first rounder. When you draft lineman in the first round they should be top 5.

    But again…these rankings are extremely subjective.
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    I agree with you on this Z. I haven't liked the Escobar pick from day 1. And we needed not just one or two O-linemen, but 3.
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    Tyron is a quality starting LT.

    He just isn't elite. Maybe he gets there. Maybe he doesn't.

    Either way, there are worse LTs out there.

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