Seattle car dealer out $420K after Seahawks’ shutout victory of Giants

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by big dog cowboy, Dec 16, 2013.

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    People in Seattle are geeked about their Seahawks' success this season, and a possible Super Bowl run. But you could understand if one area car dealership was less than pleased with Sunday's results.

    The Seahawks dismantled the New York Giants in Week 15, 23-0, rallying from a bump-in-the-road loss to theSan Francisco 49ers the week before. And perhaps because of that loss, and with the cross-country travel for Sunday's game, Jet Chevrolet, a dealership in Federal Way, Wash. (25 miles south of Seattle) figured they could offer a promotion that they probably wouldn't have to make good on.

    The deal: Jet Chevy planned to pay out $35,000 to 12 lucky winners if the Seahawks shut out the Giants. Simple as that. So leave it to the Giants to stick it to Jet at MetLife Stadium.

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    I have to laugh at them. I would also stay away from that dealership in the future if I was a consumer in that area.

    "This is crazy," said Jim Johnson, one of the owners of the dealership, according to ESPN. "We never expected that we'd actually be giving away the money."
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    If you read further, they were insured. It only cost the dealership $7k. Which will end up being an amazing value for the promotion they're going to get. It's the insurance company who's going to be unhappy, and nobody feels bad for insurance companies, right?
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    yeah it looks like it worked out for the dealership

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