Seattle Seahawks: Guinness World Record Loudest Stadium

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by viman96, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Back in July, we first mentioned that the 12th man -- the name Seahawks fans go by -- would use the Week 2 matchup against the 49ers to try to break the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium in sports history.

    It didn't hurt that the Seahawks dominated the 49ers on Sunday night. During a third-quarter goal-line stand, CenturyLink Field reached 136.6 decibels, shattering the previous mark of 131.9 set by ... the 12th man just two quarters earlier.

    The Seattle Times confirmed the result with Phil Robertson, a judge from Guinness.

    Coming into the game, fans of Turkish soccer club Galatasaray S.K held the record of 131.76 decibels, set in March 28, 2011.

    Robertson, who is more familiar with soccer venues, was impressed with Seahawks fans.

    "It's a far louder, tribal kind of passion," and "the sound is more continuous," he said. "There's passionate people in soccer, but here you see veins bulging out of necks."
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    I just don't get it, football in the Northwest is nothing special by most accounts (I could be wrong) yet in Dallas where it's "religion" the fans are relatively quiet.......I don't care about ticket prices, demographics, complacency or whatever in a perfect world fans of the Dallas Cowboys should be louder than fans of the Seattle Seahawks....
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    The Pacific NW really get into supporting their teams. Even when their teams have a down year the fans really support them. The fan support for the Blazers, Ducks, Beavers, Huskies, Seahawks is crazy fanatical. It makes for a great experience going to games when the entire crowd is into it.
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    I wish the Seahawks would go back to sucking for 40 years so I wouldn't have to hear about how great their obnoxious fans are every day.
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    It has not been 40 years since they sucked. Why would it bother you to know they have great fans? It is what we want for the Cowboys home games.
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    Well I agree and that is probably the reason why Seattle show their love. If they don't show much support, the Seahawks can do what the Sonics did. Seattle is a very nice city but it is a small market when it comes to pro sports. With the big markets, they don't care if fans support them or not in my opinion because the fans feel their teams will stay no matter what.

    Los Angeles sure did learn that lesson.

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