Twitter: Selvie to start and Spencer to play as reserve/Dez good to go

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 13, 2013.

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    In terms of salary for production, it may not even be close if selvie keeps doing what he's doing. spence can be the overall better player out the wazoo, but if its payday time and spence wants eight mil and selvie wants two..I think the decision is easy...hence the context of my original post
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    I'll worry about next year when we are eliminated from the playoffs or win the superbowl, right now, Spencer gives us a better chance to win, so working him back into football shape is far more important to me, than who is the better bargain next year
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    It is. Some people just choose to live in their own bubble in which everything they conjure up is fact.

    The 3-4 is so horrible vs the run that Tashard Choice's 83 yards in 2008 was the most the Steelers D had given up all season...
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    Well to say or even infer a 3-4 defense is weaker vs. the run goes against the stats accumulated by both styles of defense over the last several seasons.

    Just last season 3 of the top 5 defenses in YPC were 3-4 defenses... And the bottom 6 defenses in YPC were all 4-3 defenses.

    Baseball has done a much better job at shedding clich├ęs that weren't accurate and this is due to work the sabermetrics folks have done over the years starting with Bill James. Back when Bill started putting out his "Baseball Abstracts" there were silly beliefs held by so-called knowledgeable baseball people like the most valuable resource for a leadoff hitter was speed followed by batting average. That's why folks like Mickey Rivers and Omar Moreno were leading off games.

    They didn't take into account walks and they overestimated the value of the stolen base. The stat guys repeatedly showed the world how wrong this ancient baseball belief was. And it eventually sunk in... of course not without many within the baseball community having a conniption because someone dare question an accepted belief of the game.

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