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    January 24, 2005
    Senior Bowl Week Begins

    Scott Wright
    President, NFL Draft Countdown
    And we are off! Senior Bowl week is now officially in full swing and the first day began with the official weigh-in. I have posted the full list HERE. Some of the highlights include:

    * Sleeper wideout Vincent Jackson came in at an amazing 6-4 and 238.

    * Rob Petitti was the heaviest player in attendence at 361 pounds

    * Darren Sproles was so short at 5-5 1/2 that they had to find new equipment to measure him.

    [​IMG] There was a chill in the air as the North practiced at Ladd-Peebles Satdium in the afternoon but the turnout from scouts and league personnel was impressive. Akron QB Charlie Frye carried himself well and looked like he belonged while Kyle Orton of Purdue looked to be trying to show off his arm strength and still has some trouble working under center. Some consider Vincent Jackson as a potential tight end prospect but from what I saw he looks like a wide receiver. He is raw, he dropped some balls and he needs to work on paying more attention to the details but he certainly has the tools and will be a nice developmental prospect. Mark Clayton of Oklahoma was very impressive, running excellent routes and showing good feet. Northwestern RB Alex Herron showed some speed to get around the corner while TE/H-Back Joel Dreessen looked like a natural pass catcher. Along the offensive line Michael Roos of Eastern Washington looked like he belonged and impressed while Rob Petitti was slow to react and struggled.

    On the defensive side of the ball Trent Cole worked out with the linebackers and really struggled. In fact, he looked exactly like what he was: A defensive lineman trying to play linebacker. Two Iowa Hawkeyes did a nice job along the line with Matt Roth and Jonathan Babineaux both impressing. One guy who stood out physically was DT Attiyah Ellison of Missouri, who certainly looked the part and was very athletic.

    The most impressive player of the day in my opinion however was OG / C David Baas of Michigan, who routinely handled his man in One-on-One drills and also looked physically imposing. This guy is going to step in and make an impact right away in the NFL and I see great things in his future.

    On another note there are some top underclassmen here as well with Troy Williamson, Larry Brackins and Justin Tuck among the attendees. They aren't playing in the game but they are working the rooms and getting their names out there like Ben Roethlisberger did a year ago in Mobile. This is never a bad idea and could really turn out to be a benefit for the players who go out of their way to make their presence known.
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    Man, that article got my blood pumping. Hurry up Combines.

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    What did they use, a ruler?
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    OMFG!!!! I literally just laughed out loud at that. :lmao2:
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    They laid him on the ground and drew a chalk line...then measured know like a dead person....:p
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    I laughed at that response myself. Then I seen your response and laughed even harder. What does OMFG mean ;) ? will I go to hell for typing it :D
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    OMG...I'm laughing my arse off at "Then I seen your response":stupid:

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