Senior bowl winners and losers

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    Senior Bowl: Winners and Losers
    By TFY Draft Preview
    Date: Jan 29, 2005

    The game is today, but as far as NFL scouts are concerned, the book is almost totally written on the 2005 version of the Senior Bowl.

    Flights full of scouts, coaches and general managers lifted off from Mobile starting Wednesday as they now decipher the players that gained the most from last weeks experience and who went in the other direction.

    The Big Winners

    1) Khalif Barnes - The big offensive tackle entered the week with plenty of question centering around his injured wrist and tenacity. The only question that remained after Thursday's practice is how high Barnes will go in round one. Barnes was consistently dominant in all aspects and "wowed" scouts every day.

    2) Mark Clayton - Clayton proved he is much more then a receiver that benefited from Oklahoma's wide open offense rather a complete pass catcher with a variety of skills. While some may doubt whether or not he is a number one receiver in the NFL there's no question his skills warrant a pick in the middle of the first frame.

    3) Matt Jones - Not since Antwaan Randle-El several years back has a college quarterback come to the Senior Bowl and made a seamless transition to another position. Jones looked like a natural catching the ball and did so anywhere on the field with ease. The former Arkansas passer also impressed with his willingness to long snap and even field kick returns. Whether he stays at the wide out position or grows into a tight end is for another debate but there is no question that Jones leaves Mobile greatly enhancing his draft stock.

    4) Jason Campbell - While he was not asked to throw the ball downfield much, the former Auburn quarterback displayed a command of Jon Gruden's west coast offense and quickly picked up the timing of the passing game. Campbell has stated his case to be the first or second senior signal caller selected.

    5) Kirk Morrison - Considered a one-dimensional run stuffer and two-down defender coming into the week, Morrison proved his critics wrong. In fact, the San Diego State star spent most of his time at weak-side linebacker and was effective playing in space. Morrison moved himself into the draft's top 70 picks and from here on out many may list him as an OLB rather then an MLB.

    6) Courtney Roby - Quietly coming away with one of top weeks of the Senior Bowl, all Roby did was catch every pass thrown in his direction. Injured most of his junior season, he has been building towards this and took advantage of the talented quarterbacks at his disposal, something he did not have at Indiana.

    7) Charlie Frye - Frye made the right choice coming back to Akron for his senior season and the passer looked sharp in Mobile. Very effective inside of 30-yards, he has a few technicalities to fine-tune which would help his long passing game (Frye's pulls his non-throwing shoulder down). He stated his case to be a top 45 choice in April.

    8) Chris Myers - After playing guard at Miami, Myers did an excellent job all week on the pivot. He also long snapped, though not very well, yet comes out of the week improving his stock almost two rounds.

    9) Darrent Williams - The explosive cornerback from Oklahoma State shut down opponents all week, picking off passes every day. Yet there is not a huge market for cover men who measure just 5'8"/170 pounds.

    10) DeMarcus Ware - The Troy State pass rusher stood out at defensive end and caused a lot of havoc up the field. Whether or not he can remain at defensive end or must move to outside linebacker is another story altogether but Ware improved his stock this week.

    11) Marcus Johnson - Shocked everyone with the ability to move laterally and block in motion. The 'Ole Miss lineman dominated the opposition at guard but would have been in higher demand had he played well at right tackle.

    12) Junior Rosegreen - The former Auburn safety improved daily and had the Tampa Bay scouts raving about him on Thursday. Moved into the first day with his performance this week.

    Honorable Mention

    1) Carlos Rogers - Played well until he hurt his hamstring late in the week.

    2) Eric Green - Another who was moved to the sidelines with injury after good initial showings.

    3) Michael Boley - One of the better weak-side linebackers all week.

    4) Roydell Williams - Late addition who made the most of his opportunity.

    5) Cadillac Williams - Looked natural as a pass catcher, answering big questions about his receiving skills.

    6) David Baas - Dominated at guard yet could not complete the deal at center.

    7) Logan Mankins - Did a solid job in Tampa's WCO blocking system.

    8) Jim Davis - Got a lot of penetration up the field and displayed plenty of explosion.

    9) Evan Mathis - Did everything the coaches wanted him to at several blocking positions.

    10) Alex Smith - Played to his athleticism and size looking like a solid blocker and downfield threat catching the ball.

    The Losers

    1) Rob Petitti - Looked out of shape, played poorly then got hurt.

    2) Ronald Bartell - Just looked out of place and struggled almost every day.

    3) Craphonso Thorpe - Did not prove himself to be a downfield threat and struggled battling to make the reception.

    4) Jason Brown - Not the dominant center everyone was expecting to see.

    5) Vincent Fuller - Seemed confused and blew plenty of assignments from his safety position.
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    I wouldn't mind getting someone like "Cadillac" to have has JJ's backup,but he'll probably go pretty high.
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    Of that group I would love to see the Cowboys come up with any of the following:

    Mark Clayton
    Evan MAthis
    Matt Jones
    Kirk Morrison
    DeMarcus Ware
    Carlos Rogers
  4. Cowboy from New York

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    O-lineman are never sexy picks but if we don't get a RT in free agency then I'm hoping we grab a guy like Khalif Barnes or Adam Terry in the 2nd round, both seem like they could come in and play on the right side quickly. With more bad news about Jacob Rogers, this is a position we have to address.
  5. Rack Bauer

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    If we drafted Cadillac JuJo would end up being the backup and we'd have to use the #11 pick to get him. And he may go before that. Hard to judge where RBs get drafted nowadays.
  6. lkelly

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    You mean the scouts didn't hear that he was just "big boned?"

    I've seen Petitti get torched by enough DEs to know that he REALLY REALLY needs to be drafted by the Eagles or Skins.
  7. jterrell

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    I'd love to see us go with Darrent Williams, who is a local product, in round 3 if we can add a pick there.
    Rogers is a round 2 guy.
    Matt Jones was a sleeper for me but now may get a more serious look.
  8. Rack Bauer

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    I still think Rogers is a first round pick. The guy can cover and I don't think there's a CB in the draft that can tackle and hit as well as he can.
  9. jterrell

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    Could be and definitely would be a top 15 lock in most drafts but this is the deepest CB draft I can ever recall.

    I would be glad to have Marlin Jackson, Carlos Rogers or Corey Webster in round 2. I don't think 20 is a great value for Rogers but if we trade down in 1 then that might be excellent at 25 or so with another pick grabbed in the process.

    I would really like to see uis add picks and I love the depth of this draft in the late 1st to mid 3rd round area.
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    He was all over receivers. Saw he was near leading team in tackles as well. This is a cornerback that has played in Sabans system and can start day 1 for us. I'd hope he falls to us in round 2. His bio reads a lot like Eugene Wilson who went in round 2 a few years back.

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