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    Zeitler came back to end the session by winning two reps against Washington nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu. He stonewalled two bull rushes as the thick Zeitler is very good at anchoring. The way to beat Zeitler is with speed, as bull rushes tend to go nowhere.

    Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin and Ohio State center Mike Brewster split four reps with each getting two victories. Brewster rode Martin around the pocket on the first try, while Martin bull rushed Brewster into the quarterback marker on the rematch. The next rep saw Brewster hold off Martin long enough for a pass to be thrown. The final rep had Martin blasting Brewster back and rocking the center onto his heels. That let Martin jet by him to get to the marker.

    There were some impressive wins in the line play during the team scrimmage. Vinny Curry and Cam Johnson had good rushes in the 11-on-11 battles. Curry had Russell Wilson sacked on one play after he beat Kelemete on a speed rush around the corner. Johnson beat Osemele on a speed rush with Osemele at right tackle. In judging by the first day, Osemele is misfit at tackle and should move inside to guard. Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin got blown up by a bump block from Troutman and Zeitler. The big offensive linemen put Martin into the turf hard. That is a hard block to beat in the NFL and can give a lot of defensive tackles fits, but beating that block can separate the men from the boys.

    The Washington Redskins held a long meeting with Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson on Sunday night. They spent more time with Wilson than a typical player interview, so that could indicate some interest on the Redskins part. Wilson would be a good fit in Mike Shanahan's offense, and he could be targeted on the third day of the 2012 NFL Draft. Wilson's lack of size (5-10, 203), was as advertised. It wouldn't be surprising if Washington acquires a veteran quarterback while developing Wilson to see if he can overcome the lack of height through good grooming and coaching.

    wo hooooo drafte him Washington

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