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    Anyone who finds one, stick it in here. I know I like reading practice reports from every perspective. Here is one I found already from day 1 ...

    Monday, January 22, 2007
    Senior Bowl: Day One Practice Recap
    The day started off with the weigh-ins and the big news was Troy Smith’s height. He measured in at 6’ even. While shorter then his OSU listed 6’1” its better then the rumored 5’10” or 5’11” some scouts were whispering. The first round is still doubtful for Smith and he’ll still need an excellent Senior Bowl and combine to keep his stock in the second round.

    On the practice field it was a cold and rainy day. The wet football caused some problems for the offense and resulted in sloppy play, botched exchanges, dropped balls, and wobbly passes.

    North coach Jay Gruden worked closely with quarterback Drew Stanton. Gruden drafted Cadillac Williams after coaching him in the 2005 senior bowl. Could Stanton have a future in Tampa Bay?

    During drills Aundrea Allison and Brandon Myles displayed nice hands and made some difficult receptions.

    Jason Hill was quick and showed a nice burst off the line.

    Marcus McCauley showed poor footwork during drills. He has great physical tools, but needs to have a strong Senior Bowl week after a very disappointing senior season.

    Adam Carriker impressed the most during today’s practice. He showed good quick moves during one-on-one drills and was in the backfield often during the full scrimmage.

    Levi Brown dominated LaMarr Woodley in on-on-one drills. On two occasions, Brown pushed Woodley to the ground.

    Tony Hunt had a mixed day. On the positive side, he showed his power and pushed the pile. On the negative, he showed poor hands, dropping an easy pass.

    Brian Leonard received playing time at both fullback and halfback.

    Observations taken from NFL Network's Senior Bowl coverage.
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    Hmm this Levi Brown could be a player then again Woodley was a no show againt USC so what does that say, I wouldn't draft Woodley.
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    Smith's measurement was kind of comical. 6'0 may be his official height but I've never seen someone stretch themselves out for an extra 1/16" like that in my life just to hit some arbitrary number.

    He had his chin raised as high as possible, to which the person taking the measurement pushed his head down to normal then Smith snuck it back up a little to get an extra fraction.
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    evidently the browns talked to abiramiri after the practice.... i hate the browns now that they run the 3/4. they took kamerion wimbley last year. stupid browns. if they take abiramiri :chainsaw: :spanking: :yousuck: :angryno: :cry2: :browns: :browns: :browns:

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