Serious question about the Fujita trade.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Sep 5, 2005.


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    Now that's an eye-opening point. If Fujita is fast than speed could not have been the reason for his release. Also, I don't buy the argument of replacing a proven player with a couple of guys with (gasp) "potential". Therefore I cna only conclude his release from KC had somrthing to do with that shoulder injury and I hope the Dallas media does its due dilligence to inquire into that.

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    He is a bit of a straight-line runner. I think because of his length his agility is not great and he is a bit of a liability in coverage. He is good at the point of attack and a solid tackler. Also has some pass rush skills.
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    Dat Nuygen?
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure his change of direction skills aren't as good as Ware or Burnett. However, if he's playing to rush the passer and run support he probably does allright. Our 3-4 is probably a better fit for him, too.
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    He's had a shoulder injury, and even though the Chiefs brought in Bell and drafted Johnson, I am still concerned whether or not Fujita's shoulder is, or ever will be, 100%. While I would like to think that his shoulder is ready to go, I'm wondering if his shoulder was more of a factor in the Chiefs trading him than they want to admit to.
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    Just think of him as another version of Dexter Coakley. He's still a solid player who can contribute, he just doesn't fit in with the new defense. Same for Fujita and Gunther Cunningham. I also think GC never saw him play healthy.

    Doh! Nevermind, I see someone else already explained it like this. ;)
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    Actually, InmanRoshi posted his stats and he doesn't run a 4.43; more like a 4.6
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    As much as I hate to differ with InmanRoshi, here's what was said at KFFL:
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    Good post and I suspect right on target.
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    I was away on vacation. I can't tell you how much I like this player and the price paid. I wonder if this doesn't mean we move Burnett inside at some point? I want him and Ware on the field at the same time.
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    The trade never would have gone through if the Cowboys doctors didn't pass him first.
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    2 words, Derrick Johnson. They play the same position.
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    You mean we could have traded Dex for this guy?:D
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    Exactly. And how much did they pay Derrick et al, and could they afford Fujita?
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    I don't know why people are so worried about this deal. We get a OLB who is a little taller & heavier than Ware, was on the 2002 All-Rookie team, and does nothing but make tackles. According to my 2002 PFW Report on Fujita, he's was 6'6'', 250, & 4.7 coming out of California. What I liked most about the report was that he has a top work ethic, and was a team leader. It goes on to talk about his huge wingspan, and the fact he can jump through the rafters with a vertical-jump of over 40 inches!

    Then he goes to the Chiefs and makes All-Rookie his first year, and leads the team in tackles with over 100 each yr. He's only missed two games the past two years....and all we give up for this guy is a 6th rounder next yr., & a conditional 7th the yr. after??!! I'll take this deal every way to Sunday!!
    Then we sign Peerless Price--what a weekend! I am so excited about this season, I am jumping out of my skin waiting 'till Sept. 11!

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