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    Release/Let Go/Trade

    Derrick Dockery OG
    Keith Brooking ILB
    Montrae Holland OG
    Kyle Kosier OG
    Martellus Bennett TE
    Anthony Spencer OLB
    Terrance Newman CB
    Frank Walker CB
    Alan Ball CB
    Abe Elam FS


    Tony Fiammetta FB (RFA)
    Laurent Robinson WR
    Jeremy Parnell OT (ERFA)
    Clifton Geathers DE (ERFA)
    Alex Albright ILB under contract 2012 cap is $465,000
    Raymond Radway WR (RFA)

    Free Agents – probably sign 4 plus our own and maybe a backup QB

    Carl Nicks (OG, Saints) – Callahan was brought not just because he is a good coach but IMO also to help convince Nicks to sign with the Cowboys. Saints will have trouble resigning him especially since they need to get Colston and Brees signed. Nicks next to Smith at LT would give the Cowboys the start of a great line. Nicks will be 27 when the season starts.

    Brandon Carr (CB, Chiefs) - Jerry missed on Nnamdi last year but will not miss on Carr this year. Carr rated the 2nd best CB in free agency behind Webb. If Carr gone wouldn’t be surprised to see Terrell Thomas (CB, Giants). Carr will be 26 when the season starts.

    Kendall Langford (DE, Dolphins) – A true 5-tech DE in the 3-4 would allow Ware some help in pressuring the QB. If we move Ratliff to the other DE then we will start to enjoy success on defense. Langford is only 25 and probably will not command to expensive a contract.

    Sammie Lee Hill (NT, Lions) – Cowboys need a massive body at NT and Hill can play both in the 3-4 and 4-3. He is a restricted free agent but will probably be tendered at the first of right refusal. Contract would be similar to a Spears or Hatcher. At 6’4” and 340 lbs is what Dallas needs in the middle and he is only 25.

    Michael Griffin (FS, Titans) – Either Griffin or Richard Marshall (CB/FS, Cardinals) should be signed. I believe Griffin would be probably less money but rather have Marshall who is capable of both CB and FS. Marshall is 26 and Griffin 27.

    Dennis Dixon (QB, Steelers) – Kitna has retired and now do we decide to draft a QB, sign a vet, trade McGee or what. I would be in favor of trading McGee for whatever come be had and sign Dixon who I believe has more upside and give Jake Delhomme a one year contract. Or just sign Delhomme and draft a QB in the 1st in 2013.

    Dan Connor (ILB, Panthers) – Connor will need to decide to play 2nd fiddle in Carolina or probably start in Dallas. His contract should be very reasonable. The other options would be Tulloch of which there is no chance or the draft. Not sure Dallas will try and sign any ILB with Lee and Carter plus Lemon and Albright seem to be good backups but getting Connor would be nice. Connor is 26.


    1st round (25) – Peter Konz 6’5 315 (OC, Wisconsin). I see Dallas trading with Denver, trading #14 for #25, #57, and #121. Denver needs a RB and despite what some experts believe RBs always fall so I can see Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama) being at #14 and would expect several teams to be in the bidding. Konz with Nicks would make for an interior line that could withstand the new NFL and RG would probably be Nagy or Arkin. A young line, tough and one for a few years to make Romo a better QB.

    1st round (32) – Dont’a Hightower 6’5 260 (ILB/OLB Alabama). Many forget that he was an All-American OLB before injuries had Saban move him into the middle of the D. He is a great LB inside or out but Dallas will move him opposite of Ware. Dallas trades with New England, trading #45 and #82 for #32 and #128.

    2nd round (57) – LaMichael James, 5’10 195 (RB, Oregon). Could be early for him but as a return guy and a 3rd down back he is tremendous. Has the strength to run up the middle as well as the speed to run wide. Very good hands and can turn on a dime. He is simply an excellent athlete and playmaker.

    3rd round (73) - Brandon Boykin, 5'9 181 (CB, Georgia). Will obtain with a trade with the Bears. Boykin does have a size problem but it never bothered him in SEC play. Played well against some of the top WRs like Jeffery. Has very good speed and awareness, good fluid hips, turns well and locates the ball, and excellent jumping ability to knock the ball away. Has some good return skills also.

    4th round (113) – Ladarius Green, 6’6 238 (TE, La. Lafayette). He has great hands, blocks well, runs good routes and a good team player. Should be able to move into the 2nd TE spot with his speed. Needs to gain about 20 lbs but has the frame to do so and not lose any speed.

    4th round (121) – Donnie Fletcher, 6’1 195 (CB, Boston College). A very underrated CB out of a school that doesn’t produce any CB of mention. Excellent awareness, fluid hips, good recovery speed and just really learning the game. Has the potential to be a starter in the league.

    4th round (128) – Akiem Hicks, 6’6 325 (DE, U of Regina). This kid is going to make a 5-tech DE that will rival JJ Watt and Aldon Smith. He runs a 4.8 40, massive hands and huge wing span. Quick 1st step, strong upper body, able to run down the QB and RB from behind, and an all down player. He probably needs a bit of NFL experience but could be in the rotation from the beginning.

    5th round (144) – George Iloka 6’3 212 (FS, Boise St.). Very good coverage safety with some of the longest arms of any in the draft. Good height, good speed, great recover time and very good tackler.

    6th round (175) - Tank Carder, 6'2 224 (LB, TCU). All he does is make plays. He played mostly as an outside guy with TCU but easily moves inside in the NFL. A rotation of Lee, Carter and Carder would be a great thing for Dallas. He can cover the slot WR also which is a big plus. He makes plays, high character, smart player and a true football guy. Had injuries in high school due to a car accident but he can play with anyone.

    7th round (206) – Darron Thomas 6’3 215 (QB, Oregon). The fastest QB in the draft. Has some good skills throwing the ball but ultimately he probably ends up as a WR or TE. Has the frame to easily add 30 or 40 pounds. Runs a 4.6 40, definitely a development guy.

    UDFA: James Brown, 6’5 310 (OT, Troy)

    Projected 53
    QB – Romo, McGee/Delhomme, Thomas
    RB – Murray, Tanner, James
    FB – Fiamette
    TE – Witten, Green, Phillips
    WR – Austin, Bryant, Robinson, Radway, Harris/Holmes
    OT – Smith, Free, Parnell, Brown
    OG – Nicks, Nagy, Arkin, Costa
    OC – Konz, Kowalski
    ST – Bailey, Jones, Ladouceur
    NT – Hill, Lissemore, Brent
    DE – Ratliff, Langford, Hicks, Calloway, Geathers
    ILB – Lee, Carter, Carder, Lemon/Connor
    OLB – Ware, Hightower, Butler, Albright
    CB – Jenkins, Carr, Scandrick, Boykin, Fletcher
    S – Marshall/Griffin FS, Sensabaugh SS, Church SS, Iloka FS

    19 New Faces at least
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    Man, I keep forgetting about Radway! Good stuff here.
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    You did your research bro! I love the off season and draft. It's going to be toughto pull off all those offesason moves. Nicks and Carr will demand huge contracts, and we might not have enough to sign Hill, Langford, and Griffin. We would still have to get the rookies under contract as well. But if the Cowboys manage to pull that off somehow, wow...it would set the team up very nicely for the future.
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    Also Donnie Fletcher is a good find. He slipped through the cracks on me, but he looks to have starter potential in the future at either CB or FS from what I have read.Also, I'm going to continue monitoring my pet, CB Omar Bolden CB Arizona St. He was one of the top CB's in the nation before tearing his ACL in spring practice. IF he recovers, will be a MAJOR steal. Wouldn't mind getting either of those in the 4th.
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    No he did not on his first rd pick or he would have found out Konz's medical concerns.
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    University of Regina??
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    It is a major concern, not going to argue that. But I trust that if the Cowboys are willing to draft him that the medical experts would do their research as well and make sure he is medically cleared. If not then G Cordy Glenn could be an option, or OT Jonathan Martin with Free moving to G, even though I'm not a fan of that idea.
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    I hope it comes true but I think 7 FA is more than I think Dallas will be able to bring in. 8 if you take care of Robinson.
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    Nicks/Carr/Connor would take up about 15-20 million in cap room per year.

    Panthers aren't letting go of Connor in my opinion.
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    Felix...where is he in this scenario?

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