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  1. Bob Sacamano

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    22. Kansas CB Aqib Talib
    28. Texas WR Limas Sweed
    2. Colorado CB Terrence Wheatley
    3. Notre Dame S Tom Zbikowski
    4. Georgia RB Thomas Brown
    5. Virginia Tech OLB Chris Ellis
    6. Georgia C/OG Fernando Velasco
    7. LSU QB Matt Flynn

    will provide evaluations later
  2. TheCount

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    I wouldn't cry.

    I don't know about Tom, I like him (obviously) but in the 3rd? And his coverage is still suspect. There are a lot of people I prefer in the 3rd before him, I also had Mat Flynn in my mock as a potential guy to groom.
  3. Goldenrichards83

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    Thats a little early for Wheatly isn't it?
  4. L-O-Jete

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    Not big on Zib^%@%
  5. Bob Sacamano

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    I was debating between putting Tom and Iowa State DT Ahtyba Rubin in the 3rd, but Tom's special team's abilities won out

    he's a good-sized, polished corner who is one of the fastest players in this draft, he's a late 2nd/early 3rd round candidate, who probably won't be there at our pick in the 3rd IMO
  6. ThatsmyQB

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    NICE MOCK Golden, I'd really like that if that came true!
    No, not too early for Wheatley, he tore it up at the combines, ran a 4.37 and is known as a pure cover corner although a little short, definately worth a late 2nd!
  7. Bigdog

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    My personal preference would be to have Rubin over Tom. I still think we should move Ratliff to end and maybe some spot duty at dt.
  8. ThatsmyQB

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    Talib/Sweed is a great st round~
    Another top corner in round 2? I actually agree coimpletely, unless a top runner falls.
    I don't get the Zbikowski in the 3rd, I don't think we'll be taking 3 D.B.'s with our 1st 4 picks, and not Zbikowski who I am assuming you have us taking to replace Roy, yet he has the same shortcomings as roy as he's a liability in coverage, switch up the 3rd rounder to be W.R. Donnie Avery or or if you really wanna go safety a guy like Tyrell Johnson or Craig Steltz would be more to my liking, I think Zbikowski is a late 4th early 5th rounder. I really like Velasco and wouldn't mind him in the 5th.
  9. DaBoys4Life

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    If our draft went something like that i would be upset.

    I think Talib is good but Cason is better and would perfer Cason.

    Not sould on sweed would rather have Hardy or Thomas. If we can't get them we wait for Royal or Avery.

    Could get a better corner in the second round than Wheatley don't think we go corner again that early we could just wait untill round 6 to pick up another decent corner.

    Tom Z meh i don't think we go safety that early and think DT is a bigger need.

    Thomas Brown isn't even on my radar as list of possible RB's to go to Dallas i would rather have Tashard Choice Matt Forte Steve Slaton or Anthony Alridge.

    Don't think we go OLB haven't really looked at any of them so there isn't much i can say about this guy.

    I don't mind this pick provides depth at either C or OG and could be a decent back up nice project.

    Matt Flynn meh any QB will do i do feel we need a 3rd one though.
  10. dbair1967

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    I dont want Talib, especially at 22...he's probably the CB I want the least in the first or second rd because I think its very likely he busts

    Sweed is interesting if we take a WR in the 1st rd

    2nd might be early for Wheatley, but he's another of those under the radar CB's...I dont think we're using 2 of the first 3 picks on CB's

    I think Zbikowski is going to be mainly a special teamer...and thats 3 DB's in 4 picks now

    Thomas Brown I like as a middle rd RB prospect if we dont pick one opinion on Ellis...Velasco is the type of interior OL prospect Houck will like...I do think we take a QB on the 2nd day...

  11. Oh_Canada

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    I like the fact you have Wheatley picked, because frankly I think Talib ends up as a FS in the league and Wheatley makes for a perfect nickle corner eventually.
    Choosing Rubin over "Z" would have been a better choice, but your last two picks were killer so I am wouldn't be disappointed at all with this draft. Overall I would give it a "B+" and an "A" if you substituted Rubin for "Z".
  12. Sasquatch

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    What happened to CJ?
  13. masomenos

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    - I, of course, love the Talib pick.

    - Not to sold on Sweed at this point, but I'm also not so low on him that I would be upset about taking him. I think Sweed is the classic boom or bust prospect and I'm not sure which is more likely at this point.

    - One of my top 5 CBs in terms of talent and I wouldn't be shocked if he went higher than the experts are predicting. What could push him down are his size (between 5-9 and 5-10) and, to a larger degree, his injury history. Since I have Wheatley rated so highly it would be impossibly for me to be upset with drafting him.

    - I can't see us using 3 of our first 4 picks on the secondary. I do like Zibikowski for his toughness but I'm not convinced that he's going to really be anything special at the NFL level. I'd rather wait to take Keith Davis replacement a while longer and just cross my fingers that Campo will be able to increase Roy's quality of play.

    - I like Brown a lot and, if he can stay healthy, I think he'll be one of the nice surprises of this RB class. To me he's kind of a poor man's Ray Rice. Not my favorite RB in the draft, but someone who I'd be looking forward to seeing on the field.

    - Really does a good job of putting heat on the QB, getting 38 QB pressures and 8.5 sacks as a senior, which means he was seriously disrupting QB play on average about 3 times per game which is a good amount. He's pretty one dimensional and I doubt he has the overall athleticism to drop into coverage. I also worry about his ability to disengage from blocks. On the fence right now.

    - Velasco is probably a good late round prospect for Dallas as an interior OL. With a pick this late you really can't ask for a whole lot more than a guy who flashed dominance from time to time this season and this offseason.

    - Flynn would be a fine choice in the 7th.

    The thing that would have me most worried in this draft is that 3 of the first 5 picks are guys who are coming off of an injury, so that makes me a bit wary. I do like a lot of the players though and while I don't think it has the big name appeal that a lot of fans would want to see, I do think it would be a pretty solid draft. The pick I would be most likely want to swap out would be Zibikowski.
  14. Bob Sacamano

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    "you'll be suprised how we fill the RB position"-Jerry Jones

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