Shanahan, a great coach.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by SaltwaterServr, Jan 1, 2012.

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    A blurb by Bill Simmons made me look this up. He mentioned that Shanahan has 35 wins in his last 79 games.

    "...even if Mike Shanahan has won only 35 of his past 79 games, we're not allowed to mention this, and we need to keep referring to him as a good coach."

    2006- 9-7

    2007- 7-9

    2008- 8-8

    2010- 6-10

    2011- (5-11) or (6-10)

    Mediocrity. It's considered a step up in Washington.
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    I said before he was hired, when the Cowboys fans were yelling for him and when he got hired in Washington. Unless John Elway finds the fountain of youth and joins forces with Shanny again, he will never repeat his performance in Denver.
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    He had a Hall of Fame QB(Elway), a hall of fame LB (Romanowski), Hall of fame TE(S.Sharpe), great Wr's (Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey), great RB (T.Davis)

    Unless he happens to fall upon a loaded roster again, he may never even sniff the playoffs again lol.
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    Shanahan's draft miscues are pretty damning as well.

    The one thing he could do was make a useable running back out of ANYONE.
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    Mike Shannahan was a decent coach once. He got Elway over the hump. I'm not going to say he's an awesome coach but where he went wrong was he got a ------------- up his rear end after he won. All of a sudden he can win with any QB or RB. Wrong answer. Just because guys like Tatum Bell and whoever else he had in Den can gain a 1000 yards doesn't mean they're the players that can win Superbowls. It went all downhill when he traded Portis for Bailey.
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    He's no better than Norv Turner, but Turner didn't have a driven John Elway and Terrell Davis on the same team with Shannon Sharpe.

    Turner has had Heath Shuler, Gus Ferotte, Jeff George, Brad Johnson, Duante Culpepper and Phillip Rivers to work with behind center.

    Likewise after the three ace players left Denver Shanahan was with Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler and the magic was gone.

    In Washington it's Rex Grossman...
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    I would probably make that portis for bailey trade 100 out of 100 times. look at how productive bailey still is. but as far as shanny and his coaching prowess...dude was always overrated to me.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Garrett > Shanny

    We made the right call.
  9. Eskimo

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    Actually that trade is one of the greatest fleeces of all-time.

    They got an All-Pro CB for an overrated by good RB. They also got a 2nd round draft pick thrown in.

    Shanny failed because he is a bad GM. He is a decent HC but I think he has lost some fire and is mostly just coaching for the pay cheque these days.
  10. Eskimo

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    I think this is probably true but Garrett has a long ways to go before you can make such a call.

    Shanny did win 2 SBs once upon a time.
  11. AmishGangsta

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    I think he's had a lot more to fix than he anticipated in Washington. I'm willing to give him 5 years, though.

    He told Snyder on arrival that it would take time. In years one and two they've focused on depth, and made the transition to the 3-4 defense (which looks to be a unit that will be top 10 next year).

    In my opinion, Shanahan/Allen have done a great job in the draft, and they've hit on most of their picks - as well as the "non picks" like not drafting Gabbert or Ponder last year.

    Consider this, in passing on Gabbert the Skins picked up: Kerrigan (possible DROY - and would be if he was on a winning team), Helu (skins starting runningback, and one of the hottest backs in the league towards the end of the year), Hankerson (receiver that showed he could possibly be a future #1 or #2 before getting injured) and Gomes, who started for the skins but is just a guy.
    Overall, I beleive 11 of their 12 picks played for the team last season (which I think is more than any other team); the free agents they brought in (all except maybe Atogwe) were all good young pickups.

    I tell yah', it's been easier watching the skins lose - with all this up and coming young talent, than it was watching them win early on.

    Everyone knew they were in a rebuilding year, but for once I think I have confidence in the front office and the scouts.

    They are one more draft and one more free agency away from being a competitive team, I beleive. But they've definitely gotta find a QB - a good one.

    I'm hoping for RG3

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