Sharif Floyd

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Agree, I expect him to do great things in the NFL.
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    I think had the run on OL in the 1st rd not taken place then Dallas may have done something different but I don't think risking not coming away with a top OL player was something the Cowboys were not willing to risk. Thankfully add to that we added quality depth to the WR core making that group a strenght of this team.
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    It wouldn't surprise me if our 3rd rd pick WR Williams alone turns out better than Floyd.:)
  4. CyberB0b

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    Floyd was hyped up by the media. He was nothing special, that is why he slipped so far. With that said, I think we need to revisit the Escobar pick. That certainly could have gone towards some depth on either line.
  5. CATCH17

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    Floyd was hyped by the media?

    The Cowboys had him as a top 5 talent.
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    I'm not getting a #70 jersey, but I am growing my beard out.
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    So why didn't they pick him up? Obviously, there was something a lot of teams didn't like, mainly his production. There is a reason why he fell so far. Too many people on the hype machine. 4.5 sacks in 3 years.

    Me too. I got a job flying freight, so I can look like I'm homeless! Boxes don't *****.
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    And Dallas may have taken him but again with all the OL players a record setting 1st rd for OL Dallas evidently was not willing to risk losing out on one of the top OL players remaining.
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    The scouts liked him a lot more than Kiffin and Marinelli. I think the problem was that the scouts thought they knew what the defensive coaches valued at that position but they were mistaken.
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    That and they were brought in after the season after much of the college scouting had already been done. They clearly were not on the same page either way.
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    I'm still trying to figure out why the guy (Floyd) was rated so highly in the first place? To me he was a top 20 pick, but definitely not top five and only the third best interior lineman in the draft behind Star, Richardson. Think this was a media creation more than anything and clearly Marinelli/Kiffen weren't all that impressed because I'm pretty certain they would have gotten anyone they wanted had they banged the table hard enough.
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    They better get on the same page before the 2014 draft then. Ware might very well be the only returning starter on that line next year.
  13. CyberB0b

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    Bob Sturm on the Sharrif Floyd Slide:

  14. rpatricc

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    We all are hoping for the best with Hayden, and he has shown well in the preseason, but these quotes from today's articles do not inspire confidence that passing on Floyd at 18, without having a true contingency plan for the perenially-injured Ratliff, was the best idea:

    Hayden is a former sixth-round pick of the Carolina Panthers in 2008. He is listed as a six-year veteran, but his résumé is sketchy at best. He played two games as a rookie, 10 games in 2009 and 14, including 10 starts, in 2010. He was cut before the 2011 season and was out of football until he was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals, playing two games at the end of the season. He suffered an ankle injury in camp last year and was waived. Even when he returned to health, Hayden drew no interest from around the league, not even for a tryout. The Cowboys signed him on Feb. 11 for depth purposes as they transitioned to the 4-3 alignment. He came in hoping to make the team, but now he’s a starter, turning last year’s disappointment and Ratliff’s setback into a dream come true.

    Read more here:

    When this front office sat down in the Spring and went through how they were going to construct this 4-3 defense, I guarentee that Ratliff’s name at three technique was high on everyone’s idea of how this defense could look. I also guarentee that when Jerry Jones asked Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli what they thought the possiblitles were working with Ratliff that to a man they were positive of the fit. Just take a moment and look back how the draft went for this club in regards to selecting a defensive linemen. Both Kiffin and Marinelli conviced Jones that they could play with the current group and Jay Ratliff was a big part of that.
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  16. rpatricc

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    I don't think this is accurate. I think Kiffen and Marianelli thought that Ratliff would be fine (see below). But they and Jerry turned a blind eye to the fact that Ratliff cannot stay on the field, and overall has a bad attitude as shown by the fact that he did not rehab with the Cowboys' staff, but on his own. Now we are left with a free agent castoff (no offense to try-hard Hayden) when, had we stuck to our board, we would have a guy our own scouts rated Top 5 overall. I'm sorry, but say all you want about the run on OL and how good Fred has been (he has), but you set the talent level of you team back when you do not stick to your board.
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    And yet, we're rumored to be exploring a trade of one of our DLs heading into the season.

    I'd say that Rod Marinelli and company have done a good job gauging and developing the depth on our front. We're very fortunate to have found players that we can play in a rotation who at least look to be capable of giving us starting snaps in a pinch. These coaches were derided early in the offseason for saying they like our DL depth a lot, but, judging solely by preseason anyway, it looks like they were right and our own armchair analysts wrong.
    I do think we misgauged a bad contract for Jay Ratliff, badly. And we mishandled his injury projection, not that we had many options once we were handcuffed with a bad extension. I am interested in seeing this front with a potentially dominant (yes, I said 'dominant') Anthony Spencer added in. I do wish he had gotten to practice before heading into week one, obviously.
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    Absolutely no doubt in my mind you are right. Our hand got forced.
  19. Kaiser

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    Totally agree. At the end of the day a run stuffing DT isn't that hard to find. If Cohen and Bass give you good run defense at DT for free, is it worth a first round pick to improve that position with an excellent run stuffer?

    Floyd <<<< Fred + TWill + Bass + Cohen

    And if I look at tape of our interior OL last year, I'm tempted to add a bunch more "<".
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    listen every team has question marks going into a season, guys have to step up.... if we drafted Floyd, this post would be about how we didnt address our need at center.... damned if you do damned if you don't..... bottom line is guys need to step up
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