Sheriff: Woman sat on boyfriend's toilet for 2 years

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    Posted on Wed, Mar. 12, 2008
    Sheriff: Woman sat on boyfriend's toilet for 2 years

    Associated Press Writer

    A 35-year-old woman who apparently spent two years in her boyfriend's bathroom in Ness City had become stuck to the toilet seat, authorities said Wednesday.

    "She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body. It is hard to imagine. ... I still have a hard time imagining it myself," Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said in a telephone interview, adding that it appeared her body fat had grown attached to the seat.

    Authorities planned to present their report to the county attorney later Wednesday to see if any charges should be filed against her 36-year-old boyfriend, Whipple said.

    The boyfriend called police on Feb. 27 to report that "there was something wrong with his girlfriend," Whipple said, adding he never explained why it took him two years to call.

    He said the boyfriend had brought the woman food and water during the two years and told investigators he asked her daily to come out of the bathroom.

    "And her reply would be, 'Maybe tomorrow,'" Whipple said. "According to him, she did not want to leave the bathroom."

    Police found the clothed woman sitting on the toilet, her sweat pants down to her mid-thigh as if she was using the toilet. Her legs looked like they had atrophied, he said.

    "She was sitting on the toilet and was somewhat disoriented," Whipple said. "She said that she didn't need any help, that she was OK and did not want to leave."

    She refused emergency medical services but was finally convinced by responders and her boyfriend that she needed to be checked out. She was taken to a hospital in Wichita, about 150 miles southeast of Ness City.

    Whipple said she has refused to cooperate with medical providers or law enforcement investigators.

    Authorities said they did not know if she was developmentally disabled.

    Police have declined to release the couple's names, but the house where authorities say the incident happened is listed in public records as the residence of Kory McFarren. No one answered his home phone number.

    A neighbor, James Ellis, told The Associated Press that he had known the woman since she was a child but said he had not seen her for at least six years.

    He said she had a tough childhood after her mother died at a young age and apparently was usually kept inside the house as she grew up.

    "It really doesn't surprise me," Ellis said of the bathroom incident. "What surprises me is somebody wasn't called in a bit earlier.

    At one time the woman worked for a long-term care facility, he said, but he did not know what kind of work she did there.

    The case has been the buzz of this western Kansas town.

    "I don't think anybody can make any sense out of it," Ellis said.

    Information from The Hutchinson News:
  2. Rack Bauer

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    This falls under the "WTH?!" category.

  3. theebs

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    what in the world?

    How does that happen.
  4. Mavs Man

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    Wow, what the crap was he waiting for?
  5. WoodysGirl

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    Doh! :lmao:
  6. DallasCowpoke

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    I wonder if he drew down on her and ordered her to stop squeezing the Charmin???
  7. Mavs Man

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    Sheriff Whipple?


    Good catch.
  8. hairic

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    Why... huh?

    I've heard of someone becoming attached to a couch, but not a toilet. I have to wonder what kind of phobia she developed while on the can... maybe she just preferred the convenience of it. What's the phobia called where you fear you'll randomly **** your pants?

    Oh, and here's the couch-woman.
  9. Faerluna

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    We need more news like this. Definitely.
  10. CATCH17

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    Nothing like spending 2 years on a toilet.

    I have a side question.

    Does she deserve a Guinness Record Plaque for this?
  11. big dog cowboy

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    A quick update.....that was the lead story on the local news last night on both ABC and CBS stations. No I am not joking.
  12. DallasEast

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    My first thought was that the woman is clearly disturbed, but I soon came to the conclusion that the boyfriend is youknowwhat nuts too. They're quite a pair.
  13. heavyg

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    You gotta think both have some serious issues. I sure hope that was a 2 bathroom home otherwise things could have got real interesting
  14. Route 66

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    Sad how society has become to be hungry for stories as sad as this.
  15. Danny White

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  16. DallasFanSince86

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    I thought the same thing when I saw the Sheriff's name.
  17. CowboyWay

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    The video said that the girl may end up in a wheelchair.

    Am I the only one thinking that this could be a good thing? Throw some wheels on a toilet and WHAM. Problem solved for everyone.
  18. DallasCowpoke

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