Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dannyboy, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. dannyboy

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    why is it we never use the shotgun? teams that play against us do it all the time to stay away from our rush
  2. Dave_in-NC

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    What rush? Why make it obvious we are going to throw when we cant block?
    Its kind of like saying here it is come get it. We dont need to antagonize any defense really.
  3. DMX690

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    U know what, Bledsoe would probly get sack if we throw out of the punting formation. It really sad when you can't even give your Qb time to throw when the opponent is only rushing three players.
  4. BlueWave

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    Parcells answered that question weakly. Saying they didn't feel comfrotable with Gurode snapping the shotgun. Funny thing is, they never use it when Johnson is playing either. We have not used it consistently since last season with Testaverde.
  5. Kilyin

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    Well you figure a 3 man rush and 8 in coverage with 2 or 3 receivers running routes, and Bledsoe's horrendous inability to move in the pocket to buy time, doesn't surprise me at all.

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