Should Ratliff and Spencer start when they come back?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. visionary

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    on the contrary, if i am Ratliff and on the last legs of my career, i am looking at these DL guys and saying to myself "i am better than these guys, if i play hard, i might be able to prolong my career"
  2. jaybird

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    I love what Hayden and Selvie have done. However,, if Spencer and Rat get back to doing what they can do -look out!! Who cares who starts, that might end up being a phenomal rotation. I.e, cassio, jimmy jones, lett etc.
  3. ninja

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    A) Are either of them even coming back?

    And I think the likely answer is no to both Spencer and Ratliff. It would be no surprise if both end up on IR. I'm guessing that Spencer will go on IR within the next two or three weeks and that will be the last of him as a Cowboy. I am also guessing that the Cowboys would like to IR Ratliff as soon as possible. Don't need his bad attitude to poison the team. And the Cowboys don't need Ratliff to get some major injury late in the season and be on the hook for his salary next year while "he heals."
  4. jobberone

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    They should slowly work them into the rotation unless they can go 100%. Then you play the player who is getting the best of his matchup. My guess is they will work them into the lineup and not take the present starters out. These things have a tendency to work themselves out due to injuries anyway.
  5. gdogg24

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    I don't think they should, but they are still gonna be upgrades to our rotation. Think about who the backups are now behind Selvie and Hayden, are Spencer and Ratliff better than them?
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  6. marchetta

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    "Should Ratliff and Spencer start when they come back?"

    That's JERRY'S decision.:rolleyes:
  7. Idgit

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    Whether they should or not, we'll rotate them in gradually, like we've already done with Spencer when he's been in there. Assuming they continue to play at a high level, they'll be getting starters snaps soon enough. We'll use a heavy rotation on the DL, anyway.

    Spencer's a much better player than Selvie is, so I imagine he'll have his snaps back very quickly if he's healthy. Rat's a more interesting question, because he's missed so much time, but I do expect him to be a beast in this defense if he's ever able to come back and play again.
  8. malone1970

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    No, we have to many other younger players making plays..... Let them stay on the sideline for backups then in the off season trade them for draft picks
  9. waving monkey

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    I don't care
  10. Vertigo_17

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    No way, they can work their way back into the rotation.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    This is the right answer.
  12. Dale

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    I think when you have two guys that are returning from fairly significant injuries (each has missed significant time now), it's wise to work them back in as opposed to handing them starting positions out of the gate.

    If our defense was struggling and these guys were viewed as the saviors, perhaps I'd feel differently. But with things working well as is, we have the luxury of working them back in slowly.
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  13. tico

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    Not for the 1st game, rotation & let the competition begin...
  14. gimmesix

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    If they are back to full health, then absolutely they should. I think people tend to forget what kind of players they are when they aren't seeing them week to week.

    Selvie and Hayden have been real good pickups, and make up for some of the draft misses we've had, but neither is as good as the player they are replacing when that player is healthy. Nice to have some quality depth, though.

    The only change to the original plan I'd make when Rat and Spencer get back would be keeping Hatcher at the 3 and putting Ratliff at the 1. Hatcher has excelled at the 3 spot and Rat has proven in the 3-4 that he can be a disruptive player at nose tackle. Imagine having two interior DLs playing the way Hatcher is now.
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  15. gimmesix

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    So many have given up on Rat, and I can understand that, but I guess they've forgotten what kind of player he can be when he's healthy. He may never be healthy again, but if he is, then he's the clear starter and Hayden rotates in (primarily on run downs) to spell Rat and Hatcher.
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  16. Ren

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    Dont mess with what works
  17. RastaRocket

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    If Spencer is ready to go he is an absolute lock as a starter.
  18. DC Cowboy

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    I would work them back into the rotation first game or two.
  19. Fredd

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    Hayden and Selvie, while playing very good, could get gassed at some point as this is their first game action in the pros...spencer, IMO, once 100% will start with Selvie get a lot of snaps as well in a good rotation...wasn't Selvie pretty good at Ware's spot as well? DWare deserves a blow every now and then and then we have selvie and spencer in as DE's in some situations, not bad....Ratliff? with me, the jury is out and they just ordered room service....not sure if the decision can be made on this guy, at least not depending on him...if healthy, he could do well in this scheme

    good problems to have
  20. Doomsay

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    We already have the answer: Spencer and Waters have been eased back into playing roles to varying degrees, but have not been healthy / rust-free enough to replace the current starters. Seasoned vets have been replaced by third round rookies in week 3, all skill players but Randle have had touches, older players are getting rest for significant snaps etc... this team seems to be operating on best man available meritocracy mode. I got to believe some of this has to do with Kiffin's and perhaps Callahan's influence, two vet coaches who have the self confidence to ignore pet, salary, ego considerations, but that's just a guess.
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