Should the Pats Cut Wide Receiver Brandon Tate?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by UnoDallas, Aug 25, 2011.

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    NFL players only get a limited amount of chances to prove to coaching staffs that they’re capable of being a valuable member of the team, and once they run out of chances, they simply lose their job and part ways with the team.
    As we sit halfway through the preseason with roster cuts only weeks away, wide receiver Brandon Tate may be on New England’s list of players to cut.
    Tate was one of New England’s third-round selections in the 2009 draft and had a tremendous amount of potential.
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    If cut then yes, I'll never say no to bringing in a guy for a look. It cost you nothing and would say the same about any players the Cowboys may bring in for a look as teams make cuts.
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    I wouldn't mind taking a look at this guy if New England does cut him. I'm not sure what he's done up there or anything but I do seem to remember he was pretty decent coming out of college.
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    Pats may not think much of Brandon Tate … yet

    Posted on: June 2, 2011 8:27 am

    In 10 starts last season, Tate had 24 receptions for 432 yards, including three touchdowns. The totals aren't particularly impressive, but the 18-yards-per-catch average gets your attention. Still, for NFL Films' Greg Cosell, it was clear from watching game tape that the Patriots' staff has concerns about Tate as an NFL wideout.

    "Very often, the way players are used tells you how a coaching staff feels about them," Cosell told CSN New England's Tom Curran. "The way the Patriots use Brandon Tate tells that they don't think much of him at this point. He runs about three routes and the only time the ball comes to him is when a play is specifically called for him."

    Cosell acknowledges that Tate is "big, he runs well, he's got good lateral quickness," but also points out that, "…in taking the spot of Moss, he was stepping in for someone who was as good a vertical receiver as we've ever seen. Tate has vertical skills but not Randy Moss vertical skills and that's why coverage was different for Tate after Moss left."

    This is about what you'd expect from a second-year player getting his first crack at substantial playing time. It's not unusual for coaches to manage their expectations in such circumstances, and Cosell notes that the work stoppage is really hurting Tate's development;

    "One stat that stands out is that he was targeted 46 times and totaled 24 receptions for a 54.3 target percentage, one of the lowest among the team's pass-catchers

    While Tate will benefit from offseason workouts, even informal ones, Patriots will be in good shape at receiver when the labor dispute is settled. Deion Branch joins Welker as a savvy veteran who intimately understands the offense. And tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, rookies a year ago, accounted for 26 percent of all New England receptions in 2010. It's not like 2006, when Brady's top targets were Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell. The Pats' offense is plenty potent, as evidenced by their 14-2 record in 2010.
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