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    (this isn't even half of it)

    Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten gave us a few minutes of his time to discuss fantasy football, his favorite player growing up (Junior Seau) and what Tony Romo is like behind the scenes. Do is bother you when the Cowboys win, but fans are down on you because you didn’t put up great fantasy numbers?

    Jason Witten: I think you understand. Fantasy football is good for the fans and good for the game. They always want more touchdowns and more catches but it’s alright. I think players have a pretty good understanding, at least I know I do. But they always want more. Do you play fantasy football?

    Witten: I don’t but I have a lot of people that I’m close to who do play and they’re always asking me questions. I think it’s pretty funny to be honest with you. So you get your buddies calling and telling you to score so they can win?

    Witten: Yes, exactly. New England lost a couple weeks ago because of the “push rule.” What did you think of that? Did you know about that before the Patriots-Jets game?

    Witten: I saw it on the highlights a little bit. I get it – both sides I can see are valid. That’s just football, to be honest. We go through a lot of situations in training camp and you practice those. Sometimes you can control what you can control. But that definitely an interesting situation.
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    Love these kinds of interviews.
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    Was Emmitt Smitt conducting this interview?
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