Sick feeling re: not drafting Manziel

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Carharris2, May 9, 2014.

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    Dallas at the time was not one great receiver away from winning a Superbowl or even being a perennial contender. Drafting Moss would not have changed Dallas fortunes as they had several holes at the time. For example, Moss doesn't make Dave Campo a good head coach. No one should still be worried or ever been worried about passing on Moss. I still think he would have flamed out if he had to play under the pressure of being a Cowboy. There is no reason to worry about passing on Manziel.
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    Moss went to the perfect situation, having a veteran like Chris Carter to take him under his wing, and having a coach like Green.
  3. Frozen700

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    We will have to wait and see then I guess.

    It will pain me, if he turns out to be a legit QB, just because we missed on him.
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    What do you mean mobility doesn't translate well to the NFL? Are you kidding?
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    he is officially another teams problem, all threads on this subject should be moved to nfl zone where nobody goes.
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    so will it equally bother you if any QB in this draft other than bortles turns out to be a legit NFL QB? We missed out on all of them as well (assuming we don't pick one)
  7. Frozen700

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    Yes, but this is a guy that is a huge fan, who probably would of played so hard for us. Not to mention, we have seen Jerry and a few others with this guy. So the connection was there, which is why it would suck worst than the others
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    I understand your point, but to me, he is just another guy not wearing the star, and thus, I don't really care how he does (good or bad) as long as it doesn't impact us badly...
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    The funny thing in all of this is those feeling sick over this act like Manziel was a sure fire lock like an Andrew Luck type QB.

    He wasn't. His bust potential was massive.

    And likely when he did bust, those same people *****ing about not taking Manziel would have killed Jones for taking Manziel.

    Johnny Manziel was without a doubt the last player in this entire draft I wanted the Cowboys to take.
  10. Frozen700

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    I hear you, I guess I'm just not totally sold on Romo and his back, who knows what a crushing hit from a 300 pound lineman will do to him. I don't think Troy was way off, I mean he did go through the same thing, before waving the white flag.
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    I agree that Manziel would have brought some excitement back to the team. If they was a 8-8 team under Manziel, at least they would have been an entertaining team with 8-8 record. I can't believe the fans that think Manziel sitting on the bench for a couple of years would have been a bad thing. It is the perfect situation for a young QB to learn. Starting a rookie QB has become the latest trend, but in reality, it can ruin a young QB. Manziel may bust, but the same could be said about any rookie QB. His unique skill set was worth the gamble for a team with a 34 year old QB that is coming off two back surgeries. I do have my doubts that the coaching staff could adjust the offense to get the most out of his talent due to the fact that they are not the best at adjusting to fit the current players skills. As it stands, Romo and his terrible contract will prevent the team from moving on with a younger QB or even drafting a top prospect as long as Jerry feels like Romo is the only option at the position. They said it best last night, drafting Manziel was never considered with Romo as the QB.
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  12. Sydla

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    Not really because with each passing year, the ability to get rid of Romo with less financial pain goes up.

    In other words, in next year's draft, I'd bet they'd be more inclined to take a QB higher in the draft than this year.

    And there is one other thing here that seems lost in the shuffle. Has it crossed anyone's mind that this wasn't just about Romo being under contract but also that they just didn't think Johnny Sunshine was a franchise QB?
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    That's the thing, as exciting as JF may be, Romo is locked in for 2-3 more years. Finding his replacement should start now with maybe a Murray or Mecklenberg later in the draft and taking one every year going forward. JF just came around 2 years too early. I don't think he is ready to be a good NFL QB right away and keeping him in the bench would be a good idea, anywhere but here. It would be a disaster.

    At least now I can root for JF in CLE to do well except for that one time every 3 years we play them. JF, Gordon and Ben Tate is a solid nucleus with Hayden and Gilbert as CBs, they might make some noise.
  15. cowboyschmps3

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    At least when he's a free agent 4-5 years down the road you'll know if his game translates too NFL and if he does then maybe Jerry brings him home.
  16. Bleu Star

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    Dude.. I'm sick about it too but the worst thing to do is to make a woe is me post about how sick you are. There are an abundance of fans on this site that dislike Manziel. They're entitled to their opinions. As are we... But to those that embrace the "safe" pick, your thread has all the makings of a well crafted dart board.

    People like to bash Cleveland. It's the popular trendy uber cool thing to do. What they fail to realize is that Manziel is going into a great situation with a franchise that is clearly on the rise. They have all of the tools. They just needed a QB. Cleveland will be fun to watch and they are instantly better thanks to their diligence.
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    Preach on, Brutha!!;)
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    No, I'm dead serious. A vast majority QB's who success depends on their mobility do not last long in the NFL.
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  19. CowboyGil

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    What's done is done. Good luck to him and the Browns. That being said, I hope when we see him in a couple of years we mash him up into little QB meatballs.;)
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    Wouldn't it be great if we really do draft Garrett Gilbert?

    Jerry "Mack Brown" Jones.

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