Sick feeling re: not drafting Manziel

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Carharris2, May 9, 2014.

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    Why are they clearly on the rise? They just cleaned house a few months ago. New coach, new GM. I would say there is not near enough information to jump to the conclusion they are clearly on the rise. And there is still the legal troubles of owner Jimmy Haslam. No one knows how that will play out and if it will have any impact on the organization.
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    Um he pretty much had a perfect rookie season. That said, RG3 was an elite prospect. Far better scrambler and he can throw it from the pocket, he's got a ridiculous arm. Manziel is not a pocket QB, you have to teach him that. And he doesn't have a great arm either. Plus he is tiny. He's a better prospect than Tebow was. Guys like that won't succeed in the NFL.
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    Moss wouldn't have stayed in Dallas for very long anyway. He likes to burn bridges with the teams that he plays for on a regular basis. I never thought twice about the Cowboys passing on drafting him for that reason.
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    It may cost quite a bit more. They always have the option of drafting a solid 4th round jag and spend several years developing him into a good third string QB though
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    Manziel was the #1 passer from the pocket last year in college football and also the #1 passer in throws over 20 yds.
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    Andrew Luck would fail in Cleveland.
  7. AmberBeer

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    But he was done for in year 2.
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    Will you stand by your opinion when Romo has another back injury that sidelines him for the last 8-10 games? It is not a Manziel thing with me. It is tha fact that all the signs are there for Romo's career to be cut short and the team is ignoring it. Aikman's health fever hints as well that was ignored. Does this team ever learn anything from past mistakes? Jerry is determined to show the world that he can win with Romo. His hard head has cost the team in the past and looks like it will continue to cost the team wins.
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    Not "smart." But maybe "safer."

    As to Manziel, the immature rich kid who is relatively short: Can someone tell me how Jerra could half afforded both Romo AND Johhny Foosball?
  10. GimmeTheBall!

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    Even forgetting his back injury, the mans is gonna be 34 year old.
    Even if a good QB prospect fall into our hands today, it would be 2 year before he could learn and take charge on the field.
    I know our Defense need help. But a KEY position is QB and we needs a QB for the future when Romo decide he like golf more or is too injured lame to play. But a QB who wont put us in cap hell.
  11. Jerryrage

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    All it takes is a massive full grown man to smash little Johnny and he will understand that you have to stay in the pocket.
  12. Reality

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    I do not love or hate Manziel and if he was available in the second round, I'd be more open to drafting him there. However, the Cowboys have a starting quarterback who has recovered enough from off-season surgery to work out and play basketball, so you have to go by what you know. Romo could never play another game for the Cowboys and it would not change my opinion that at the time of the draft, we had a franchise quarterback so you follow your draft board and draft BPA, which we did.

    I understand some people hate Romo and some people love Manziel, but it just was not a good fit draft-wise this year. Had he remained in college another year and Romo struggled or re-injured his back next season, the Cowboys may have been more interested next year. However, you cannot draft based on what-if's because any of our star players could break, pull or rip something at any moment.

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    hopefully we go after marcus mariotta of oregon next year to sit under romo for a year and then take over. he's the one to get...
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    I get are a big Johnny football groupie. Too bad you were not the GM making all the right decisions for the team. What you are saying is we should have drafted Johnny and despite the long odds in Cleveland, (you're excuse for his failure) , he is HOF just like SY and Dallas is doomed because of this pick.
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    Bryan Broaddus, who worked for Jones during that draft, has said a couple times on radio the reason Moss wasn't selected was because Chan Gailey was against the move.

    When he said it, there wasn't a follow up from the host, there wasn't a DMN or ESPN blog about it because it goes against the Jerry is a meddling, puppeteer narrative.
  16. joseephuss

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    If Romo had retired at the end of this past season I would have still been okay with passing on Manziel or any of the other QBs in this draft at the #16 pick. I don't think enough about any of these QBs to spend that high a pick on them no matter the need for a QB.
  17. OhSnap

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    I wouldn't be so sure that they're ignoring it. His health could be a major factor in improving the line and if the plan is to get a QB ready for a year or 2 from now they wouldn't take a QB till the 3rd or later unless one falls in their lap tonight.
  18. RW31

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    Hard to play QB with one leg. I'm sure he'll bounce back this season. Hopefully not but probably...
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    Post of the day and spot on!
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    The thing is, most of us have seen Romo's work and we're done. He has shown me nothing to suggest he can move a team through the playoffs. He makes a career out of manhandling sorry teams. So to me, it's more of the same. I told you that we could build fort Knox around him, and the result would be the same. He's got some talent, but his intelligence dwindles in big games and his heart is the size of a tic in those games. He has guts as long as there's no pressure on him, I'm not being mean, it's been proven year after year.

    What the fans need to see is a new QB. We don't care about new receivers, new linemen, new safeties. We've had all of that over the years with Romo staying the same.

    My prediction is the same every year, we will be mediocre or right around it. If we get lucky and make the playoffs, and get bounced first round, it will give fans more stupid hope.

    I know good winning QBs when I see them, and Romo isn't one.

    So for me, another miserable year to stomach. I wish I could relive the 90s over and over cause this day and time sucks for Cowboy fas.
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