Sick of blame on Dez

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by roy31, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Can someone post a clip of this play
  2. dstovall5

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    You just said "all the great QB's hit him in stride there for six points.". So which one is it? Do great QBs infact miss some times, or are they perfect every time? Because YOU said "all the great QB's hit him in stride there for six points.", when infact Brady/Manning just missed the other day. Or was that just a shot at Romo from a clueless cowboy fan?

    Man do I love clueless Cowboy fans, you crack me up.
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    9 catches for 141 yards clearly isn't enough.

    Never-mind Witten only caught 3 of the EIGHT passes lobbed his way.
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    Dez is not the problem. I won't place the blame solely on Romo either, but he needs to overcome his fears and get the ball to his biggest blessing - Dez. It's disheartening that now that Romo has better protection (at least in the first two games), he seems gunshy, IMO.
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    You're living in a fantasy land with that statement. What you are saying is the way it should be done, but in the real world a players contract is about the past, or occasionally in the NFL unrealized potential. The reason you pay for what the player has done is that no GM, at least that I'm aware of, is prescient. They look at the past stats and put some form of analysis to them. If the player is on the upper edge of their career you probably regress them some. If the player is going into the prime of their career you probably leave them about the same. Last year Carl Nicks got a lot of money because he had been a probowl level guard. He was of an age that it was reasonable to believe he was going to be able to keep up that level of production for at least a few more years, but lets not pretend that Nicks didn't get paid for his past.
  6. Toruk_Makto

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    What I honestly can't believe is that you've actually asked this question.

    Remember that Peyton Manning game against the Falcons last year? Were you questioning his signing then?

    I hate the early part of the NFL season. You have people overreacting to everything. And by people...yes that's you.
  7. Zordon

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    excuse me, weren't you the one that was on my arse for being critical of the team's red zone efficiency in the preseason? i wish we had the search function so I could pull up your quotes of me "overreacting to preseason".

    and please don't compare romo to one of the goats. romo is a good qb, but we overpaid by 10-20M. He is a 80-90M dollar QB.
  8. Toruk_Makto

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    Are you complaining about $2M a year you say we have overpaid him by? Really? Nevermind that we paid market value.

    And if you were judging red zone efficiency based on preseason i'd have surely indicated that that isn't smart. So perhaps it was me.

    I just find it amazing..the entire 1st page of the fan zone is nothing but people making definitive statements about our team and players.

    Last week we had a post saying Twill was the biggest bust on the team. This week we have a post calling him Laurent Robinson 2.0 and another thread (by guess who) asking who is a bigger bust Claiborne or Escobar.

    We also have a post asking if Spencer ate a cheerleader while rehabbing his knee injury.

    Next week we might be debating trading Dez and picking up Tebow.

    How about we let the season marinate? We just started cooking dinner and people already have the phone out to order some dominos.
  9. honyock

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    And that's what he is getting paid. Counting this year, it breaks down to a five year deal for $80M ($16M per year) and two fluffy and totally unguaranteed years for another $40M tacked on at the end, that he will never see, to give his agent some bragging rights and the media and some fans something to fixate on. You're right, he's an $80 million quarterback, just like he'll be paid on this contract.
  10. Staubacher

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    Lol I knew Romo would get blamed by the usual geniuses for the Dez drop. Surprised it took 24 hours I guess they even had to think twice about it. But then it was oh what the he-- lololol
  11. Oh_Canada

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    Yes, I'm clueless and no Brady and Manning don't miss that throw...he was standing in the pocket untouched with his 6'3 reciever open by five yards.

    You said all great wr's make that catch...really?? Do they???
    I shouldn't be surprised really, Romo apologists always have someone to blame. Wet balls in Seattle, T.O for talking too much, o-line sucks, running game sucks, clock managment sucks, Coach Phillips sucks, can't score in the red zone, Austin lost in the lights, Dez doesn't run the right routes, Otree doesn't run the right routes, oline sucks some more, why isn't Otree three inches taller, we need offense to be Romo-friendly, let's give Romo more play calling duties, Romo should run no huddle, Romo needs a better coordinator-Garrett stinks, now we need another coordinator Callahan stinks....when do all the excuses stop??? Guy has to friggin step up.....

    Did I mention TWill needs to run better routes?
  12. dstovall5

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    You're saying Manning wouldn't miss that throw, yet he missed one a lot shorter, he missed a wide open 10 yard TD pass to D.T. Also Brady missed a shorter one as well, he missed J.E on a wide open 30 yard TD. But Romo is the only one who misses those throws ... Leave it to a Romo hater to make up this garbage. At least Romo made his throw catchable, heck Manning's throw was out of reach and it was only a 10 yard pass ...

    I find it funny you can't accept that great QBs actually do miss some throws, you just don't want to admit it so you can keep putting Romo down, sad really. Lmao you need to take a break away from CZ dude, it seems you have a lot of pent up Romo rage. Also, if you're actually going to list things to bash Romo on, at least do it right, that list you made is terrible. C'mon now, you can find better stuff then that, I mean over half those things have nothing to do with Romo.
  13. McLovin

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    Wow, that's personal
  14. gimmesix

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    There was plenty of blame to go 'round, including the drop of a potential touchdown by Dez.

    Sadly, this team plays so many tight games that every mistake is amplified.
  15. TheXFactor

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    Please don't compare Romo to Manning. Peyton gets a pass on a overthrow because he shreds everything in his path, meanwhile Romo audibles to a Twill screen with Dez being single covered in the red zone. Point being Manning and his offense make up for missed opportunities, while we don't so yes Manning misses some throws but then he drops 40 points
  16. dstovall5

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    No one is saying Romo is Peyton Manning, so don't act like thats what's happening here. The poster said all great QBs make that throw, when in reality that couldn't be any further from the truth. He just said that comment to try and put Romo down. Also, reading comprehension does wonders.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm definately not putting the loss on Dez. I don't put the loss on any one person. It's very rarely ever one person who is to blame for a loss.

    Romo had a bad 4th quarter and I put that on him. I most specifically put the mistake of not going to Dez in one on one coverage, in the third quarter, on 3rd and goal, on Romo. I don't care what was called or rather you felt the need to check out of it or not. You know your best weapon is matched up 1 on 1 with a midget of a corner with no safety help over the top. There is only one play there. Period. That's on Romo.

    The fumble is on Dunbar. Period.

    The drop of a wide open ball, that likely could have been a TD, is on Dez. He played an otherwise fantastic game but that one drop is a bad mistake no matter who he is, how great he is, or any of that other stuff.

    I put the opening drive by the Chiefs on the defense, obviously. Now the rest of the game I feel like the defense was absolutely as good as you could possibly hope your D to be. And overall I don't put any blame on them for the loss because they held them to 17 points. That should be more than enough to allow this team to win the majority of their games.

    At any rate I don't see the point in pin pointing just Romo, or just Dunbar, or just Dez, or just Witten, or just Murray when it comes to the offense. They're all to blame, along with the rest of the offense, for their lack of production. I also put that squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff for calling a piss poor game, IMO.

    What gets really tiring is how anyone wants to blame 1 person and their mistake(s) and then let everyone else off from their mistake(s) that all contribute to a loss.
  18. Ntegrase96

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    As well as the other 88s-- Hakeem Nicks and Demaryius Thomas dropped some easy ones. In fact, Thomas dropped one that was pretty identical to Bryant's drop.

    What I didn't see from other receivers were the completely dominant, man-beast catches against a top tier corner like Dez had.
  19. BraveHeartFan

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    And it was an amazing catch and effort by Dez. I loved it.

    But you realise that if he catches the pass that was perfect then you're very likely not talking about Romos bad 4th quarter, or series, or any of that right?

    Which I believe is where some of the media people, like Cris Carter and others, have gotten this idea that Dez isn't in the league of a Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones etc. He made the super hard catch, and did it brilliantly, only to fumble fingers the easy catch that would have likely allowed him to score and the Cowboys to put the game away. For whatever reason they seem to believe he doesn't concentrate enough through out the game and those lapses lead to dropping easy passes for big plays. That's their thoughts, from what I've seen, and not anything I necassarily agree with.

    Again I don't blame Dez for a loss here. The fact is though that you can't pick and choose whose mistakes count and whose don't. All the mistakes add up to the same thing. An offense that didn't score enough points and thus cost us the game.
  20. iceman117

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    Can't put the blame on Dez but he catches that ball 99 times out of 100. I chalk it up to this team still finds ways to lose, if it wasn't Dez dropping the ball something else would have happened. They need to learn how to win. You watch all the good teams and they win close games. We need to get there an quick.

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