Sick of RGIII

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by landroverking, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. zrinkill

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    Nahhhh ......... let it him him.
  2. landroverking

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    RG III the TO of QBs.
  3. Sonny#9

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    We'd need a new TV if that happened because it wouldn't last the season; the remote would go through the middle of it.

    We'll get better--we certainly can't be worse. There is a winnable game this week--if we don't win...well...they're done and there will be changes at the bye, I think. Then at Dallas--which all bets are off with that game. So we'll see what happens--funny thing about the NFL, they will still manage to win a couple of games they have no business winning. Take 2003 for example--the Skins started out 0-5 and were going no where. They turned around and rattled off 5 straight. And this team is far more talented than that one--they had Jeff George and Tony Banks at QB. I am not jumping off the ledge, yet. Not to mention, if Griffin is able to slide and Robinson holds onto a perfectly thrown TD pass, this is a completely different conversation.

    And really, I love the idiotic troll-level comments in here, and the fear of Griffin is palpable. He is a 2nd year QB coming off a major injury. The clowns claiming he is "dumb and needs a junior high playbook" or that "he will last 3-5 years" are going to look very foolish in the long run.
  4. landroverking

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    China doll. He's breakable.
  5. BraveHeartFan

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    I could certainly understand that.
  6. CowboyStar88

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    The love affair you have with RG0&3 is very odd. Makes me wonder why you're even a Cowboys fan. The way you drool over this bum is pretty sad. He is a Foreskin! Hated rival men that dress as chicks with pig noses. Bob Lilly and those guys would be sick to know our fans slobber all over a Foreskin player. Especially a diva like RGknee. He should not have own rookie of the year. All the hype won him that award. Sorry but I will maintain RGknee is a product of the Baylor system. Again look at the no name bum that played there the year after the overhyped RG0&3 his #'s were just as good. You can look great throwing screens and to one side of the field all day. He will come back down to earth and will probably be a backup or our of the league in 5 years. Same with CK in SF. Difference between them And Luck and Russell is those guys are great passers and leaders and humble guys who work hard on their craft.
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  7. NIBGoldenchild

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    Spoken like someone who barely knows football, and too biased to admit he's never watched a full game of Griffin playing. It's obvious.
  8. BoysFan4ever

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    I think RGIII is probably a good guy. I have to admit though it is fun watching the Redskins fail week after week.

    They spent a ton to get him & in hindsight you wonder if they'd do that again.

    Luck looks like he's going to be great for years. Not sure you can say that about RGIII based on his knee issues.
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  9. KJJ

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    I give the guy some credit and all of a sudden I have a love affair with him? :rolleyes: I've given Eli credit and FANS like you claim I'm in love with him. lol If RG3 is a product of the Baylor system then how come he won the NFL's rookie of the year in 2012 and beat the Cowboys twice leading Washington to their first division title in 13 years? It's unfortunate that some Cowboy FANS can't deal with other Cowboy fans giving opposing players and teams credit. Some of you think being a Cowboy fan means you have to show hate for rival teams and players well sorry that's not how I roll. I'm an objective Cowboy fan who calls it like I see it regardless of the team.

    RG3 beat the Cowboys in an elimination game last season on one leg and it's obvious some of you still haven't gotten over it. The guy hobbled for 63 yards on the ground picking up some key first downs while not suffering any turnovers. If you read my earlier posts in this thread you'll see I predicted he would get off to a rough start this season and may even have a down year coming back from his injury. No matter how bad it pains you to hear it he's a very talented player and if his helmet had a star on it your opinion of him would be completely different.
  10. dart

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    I just hate the guy

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  11. Proximo

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    OH YES this guy is straight up dookie.

    Dude missed several easy passes tonight, coughed the ball up at his own goaline, threw a beautiful pic on a drive that was begging to let them back into the game, and couldn't even complete half of his passes on this night.

    I can't remember which poster it was on here (maybe Risen Star?) who said RG3 was a complete fraud, but that assesment is looking more and more accurate each week....and I love it
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  12. CowboyStar88

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    He is a one read QB. And all they do is throw screens this guy is a joke
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  13. Proximo

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    I'm pretty sure he's incapable of sitting in the pocket and just picking apart a good NFL defense on a consistent basis. He's not very accurate either.

    And they gave up how many draft picks for this guy? WOW
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  14. sacase

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    I actually dread the day they put in cousins. He is going to be legit.
  15. Blackspider214

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    Good. Can't stand this dude. Vastly overrated. He missed on several easy passes that weren't even close to the receiver. He's a one trick pony. Unlike Russell Wilson, Kaepernick and Luck, all who are actual real QBs who can sit back in the pocket all game and read defenses. RG3 was the king of the 5 yard and under pass and let his guys do the rest.
  16. AmberBeer

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    The Foreskin lovers have disappeared. They can dish it out, but obviously can't take it. Their team sucks and will soon be called the Washington Lameducks.
  17. Stryker44

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    Look at their Offensive Lines versus the Redskins. Look at how much relative time they enjoy to read defenses. Everybody on our OL aside from Trent Williams got abused on Sunday...against a depleted Dallas OL.

    We were able to mask the O Line last year with read option and the new dynamic RGIII brought to the division. Against teams like the Steelers, Seahawks, Panthers last year, with good defenses or defenses prepared for read option....we were shut down.

    Look at Eli this year. No O Line. Look at Brady in the SB when he didn't have protection versus most of the time when he does.

    Direct link between elite pocket QBs and the protection they are afforded.

    Jury is definitely still out on RGIII. If we are able to upgrade our line and he still plays the way he did on Sunday...then I'll begin to worry.
  18. Blackspider214

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    Offensive line or not, he is not a pure drop back passer and never will be. He had plenty of time the other night against the Cowboys and missed on several easy throws. And they weren't even close.

    Again, if the way he is going to have any success is just based off the read option, then he's not going to have a lot. And will be hurt again in no time.
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  19. rynochop

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    I agree with all that, but I was actually pleased with the amount of pressure we put on him. But yeah, if he even has a Michael Vick type career i'll be shocked.

    On a completely unrelated topic did anyone see him shake Tonys hand after the game? The first person he went too was Williams. Then the cameras cut away. Only wondering because I remembered last year after the elimination game his comments to Romo that came off patronizing, even if unintended.
  20. landroverking

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    Another reason RGIII trying to draw flags on the sideline.

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