Sign In here if you live in Skins country

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Qwickdraw

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    Losing to WASH cuts deep.

    But only those of us who live here amongst the filth that is the Redskins fanbase know what true anguish is.

    We have to see these idiots around town and endure them and their remarks over and over and over again in our circles of daily life. It makes a loss like this sting that much more.

    Sign in here if you feel my pain.
    It's like group therapy.
    We need to stick together during this tough time.
    Fear not! You are not alone.

    They may have won the battle... but we are still winning the war!
  2. stiletto

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    Me, I'm hating life today. All the DJ's on the radio are acting like the Skins won the Super Bowl. It's actually quite pathetic but it's still tough to hear it all when we absolutely should've won the game. The bad part for me is I believe we were outcoached last night. Usually Parcells owns Gibbs but this time Gibbs turned the tables. Tough loss indeed. The important thing is how we rebound on Sunday. :bang2:
  3. Zman5

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    Listening to sports radio 980AM this morning, you would of thought the Deadskins won the SB.

    Actually, you would of thought they just won their 5th SB in 5 years.
  4. Qwickdraw

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    Sorry, but we were not outcoached.

    We controlled the game until 2 lucky plays.

    That's not coaching. That's a prayer.

    And their prayer was answered.
  5. SultanOfSix

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    I live in beautiful D.C. and just ignore what they say here in D.C. on sports radio because, just like some of their fans, they blow things way out of proportion. What's hilarious is Sonny Jergunson thinks they will win every game every year. He's the most biased homer there is out here.
  6. DCBoysfan

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    I had to turn Sports talk 980 off this morning when they interviewed Doc Walker I just drove to work with no radio....
  7. Zman5

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    1 may be a lucky play but 2 ??? The skins coaching staff must saw something to call the same play again.
  8. MrPhil

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    I too am behind enemy lines here in VA and have loads of friends who are 'Skins fans. Fortunately they all know me well enough to have kept quiet so far this week. I am sure I will eventually hear about it though.

    On the positive side, along my street we have a little encampment that I like to call Firebase Chatsworth, where 3 of 4 houses in a row (including mine) are 'Boys fans. I also got lucky and married a woman who is quickly becoming a 'Boys diehard like me.

    Man, growing up a 'Boys fan in VA in the 80's was tough. I remember being in DC for a vacation or something, decked out in Cowboys garb when we played the 'Skins in the playoffs back then. We ended up losing 31-17 and my dad was convinced that the only reason I made it out of there alive was because I was a kid! LOL, I have been a diehard for as long as can remember.............. :starspin
  9. stiletto

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    We were absolutely outcoached when it mattered the most....plain and simple. Don't be a Parcells homer.
  10. MrPhil

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    LOL, I started to listen to the radio on my into work but knew what was coming so I quickyl switched to a CD....... :banghead:
  11. SteveOS

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    It's is a horrible feeling coming into work hearing all the Skins fans like they just won back to back rings. They are 2-0, we are 1-1, not much you can do but move on and look forward to the next meeting.

    We've given it to them for quite some time now. It's about time they had some payback on us, lol. Horrible HORRIBLE feeling tho.
  12. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

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    Dork Walker is a moron. I can't stand his "I'm old school so don't F with me" act.
  13. chicago JK

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    I live in sort of Skins terriotory. I am staying away from skin message boards today (i just lurk anyways though) Although let them have their fun and celebration. Losing the way we lost last night was painful but we all knew the Skins would eventually make this a more competitive series.

    It is now time for us to move on to San Fran. Things change fast in the NFL...what if we beat San Fran and the Skins lose to Seattle at home in two weeks. Nothing is a given in today's NFL.

    Just give me 6-2 at home and 4-4 on the road. That gives us 10 wins however we win them and probably a playoff spot.
  14. MS17

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    I live in Skins country, and I just tune it out.
    Brunell and Moss made 2 or 3 really nice plays last night when it most mattered, so I give em their due. The home team just had no answer, sadly.
    There's a pattern with this Redskins team...their defense is really good, and they rely heavily on it to keep games close, and in the 4th quarter, I really think they believe good things will happen for them in all these nip and tuck games. Last night, it sure happened. Cowboys never should have allowed them to stay so close, bad coaching or not. :star:

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    It's not so bad when you understand how ignorant the average Skins fan is. They are running with this one though! I'm still convinced we have the better team.
  16. StylisticS

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    First post here. Been on the other boards. I just moved to Alexandria, Virginia from Texas two weeks ago. It burns. My phone was ringing off the hook yesterday getting calls from skins fans. Cowboy fans on the metro were geting laughed at. I really can't wait till December when we play them again. We will win that game.
  17. Kittymama

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    New Carrollton here. In my apartment complex last night, they were outside jumping around & screaming afterwards. Funny thing--it really is a Super Bowl to them (tells you how low their expectations are). That's fine. It's a 16 game season, so the next time we meet, we'll all know better how good the two teams are. Meanwhile, let them enjoy it. At work, there are very few Skins fans--everyone roots for other teams.

    And no, we weren't outcoached. Brunnell actually earned some of that $30 mil & our defense got caught napping. I'm willing to bet he doesn't do that again for the rest of the season. I predict that by the time we meet up again, the rookie will be playing.

    2-0 is hardly the Super Bowl.

    Anyone really predicting a Bengals-Skins Super Bowl?
  18. Glenn Carano

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    I didn't even think about turning on 980 today.

    BTW, I can't get Directv at our condo, trees in the way. Where are some good bars/restaurants to watch NFL ticket in N. Virginia? We just moved here last year. I had Directv last year, but no luck this year once we moved. So when the Cowboys aren't on local TV I need to see the games. Anybody?
  19. cwbyfan72

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    Right Here In Enemy!!
  20. pgreptom

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    Danville, VA

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